Monday, September 26, 2016


Saturday was my day off.  I didn't go out of the house.  I didn't get out of my pjs.  I splurged on comfort food.  I binge-watched Veep, which I have never seen and always wanted to--but I hate coming in in the middle of a show that has been running for several years.  I watched most of Season One, then the last of Season 3 (where the president retires and she becomes president) and all the way through until the middle of Season 5.  I will finish up Season 5 tomorrow and be all ready for the show when Season 6 starts.  Good show!

But after all these shows, I am wondering if President Selina Meyer ever wears anything but red.
While I've been sitting on my butt watching television, Walt has been texting me pictures from Lacie's birthday party.  I also checked photos that laurel posted to Facebook.  First there was the cake, with the famous "Masterchef" logo...

Then there was a photo of Lacie with the doll clothes that we got for the party ... American girl chef's clothes.  (Makes me wish I were a kid again.  I want my own American Girl doll!)

And Laurel posted pictures of the cooking kids at the party.

(It actually looks like a combination of Master Chef and Chopped!)  I wish I had been there, but given all that is going on with my mother, I think I'm glad I was here instead.

Today she is still in great pain, and holding on to the wall and furniture to walk around, but she's very subdued.  I am thinking it's probably because of the pain med, which may not be curing her pain, but which has taken away some of the "spark."  If nothing else, she's much quieter and "floppy," for want of a better description.  Jeri reported that she knew who she was when she called her this afternoon.

Her doctor wanted to see her back again if the pain persists, so I have a call into her and I guess we'll be back at Kaiser again this week.

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