Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Blood

"It's not a construction project unless a little blood is spilled," said Ned as he wrapped gauze around his finger.  The Frozen band aid I offered him wasn't going to do it, though I would have enjoyed seeing him with Princesses Anna and Elsa decorating his pointer finger, and it would have made a funny picture to send to Brianna and Lacie. 

But this was heavy duty blood.  Thank goodness we were able to find gauze pads and tape (though the tape was in the desk that my computer desk is now covering up).  We so seldom (i.e., almost never) need first aid supplies any more.  I think the tape was from my cataract surgery...the first one.
He cut his finger moving the first of two bookcases back into the office.  These and a metal file cabinet are the only pieces of the old furniture that are coming back in again.

He's going to put one more shelf in above the bookcases, now that he can see them in place.
The rest of what he did was little painting stuff (like a second coat of enamel on the desk top) and building a cover for where the modem and wifi will go.  He also took out a lot of tools, so it's starting to look like an office again.  I put some boxes up (but they won't stay in that spot...still it was nice to see something on the shelf).

He went home early and will be back tomorrow and, he thinks, finish up on Friday.

An e-mail I received during the morning was a lovely surprise...Amazon apparently had to give its customers rebates because of some Antitrust Settlement I knew nothing about.  But I was delighted to hear they had added a not small amount to my account and I was able to buy 3 kindle books I've had on my wish list but didn't want to spend the money for.  I still have money left in my account, which is delightful.

In the afternoon, I binge watched 2 episodes of Rizzoli and Isles, whose new (final) season started without fanfare and was already 3 episodes old when I saw it last night.  Walt went upstairs to take a nap.

I was sitting there, minding my business and arranging the new books into the right files on my kindle when I heard a kerfuffle at the back door.  When the dogs reacted by lunging at the door (which was slightly open to give them access to the yard), I thought maybe another bird had gotten confused and flew into the sliding glass door.

But when I got up, what a surprise!

Our mock orange bush had fallen over...well, at least a big chunk of it had fallen over.  You have to actually climb over the bush in order to get past the patio (unless you go around, that is).

I'm not sure what we will find when it is all cleared away, and whether the remaining part of the bush will be viable or not.

But it certainly did add a bit of excitement to the day that started with "first blood" in the office!

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Mary Z said...

I got the nice present from Amazon, too. 8^)