Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cutting Edge Technology

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  Walt had a gift card from Amazon and gave it to me.  I had been wanting a mandolin for a long time.  It's one of those fancy slicer thingies you see on the Food Network all the time, which allows you cut fruits and veggies in uniform thin slices.


I ordered this one and it was delivered almost immediately.  I didn't need to cut anything yesterday but realized I had fresh tomatoes and that if I bought myself some balloon bread, I could have one of my favorite sandwiches--sliced tomatoes on balloon bread with Best Foods mayonnaise.  Yum.

I read the directions, opened up the mandolin and sliced my tomato.  Happy camper!

Of course, because I am also a first class klutz, this happened when I was cleaning the mandolin.

Fortunately I had just bought some Star Wars bandaids to send to the girls so I had the perfect treatment right at my bloody fingertips.

I am undeterred and will tackle the mandolin again, but will be wary of how easy it is to get cut on it...and that the instruction book isn't kidding when it warns that the blades are very sharp.

The Star Wars bandaids came from Target and yes, I shopped at Target this morning.  I almost titled this "99 before 100," meaning that I managed to spend $99 before the temperatures reached 100 degrees.  I don't know if buying toilet paper was the thing to do to show support, but I bought a big package and saw another woman buying SIX big packages (they didn't all fit in her cart).  I also bought the aforementioned balloon bread for my tomato sandwich, found some lavender storage boxes on sale, and bought the bandaids and a couple of other things.  Walt and I now have his and hers Vitamin-D bottles.

I really don't know how many (if any) folks were there just to support Target, but I told the clerk that was why I was there.  I don't know how many will show up to protest Target on the 4th, but given that this is Davis, it is highly possible that nobody will come out in protest, but more in support.  But at least I can feel like I did my bit for transgender equality.

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