Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finished--at last Finished!

It's finished!

Ned finished it while I was at Atria this afternoon and when I got home, I was all set up -- computer, printer, and TV.  All these shelves!  I hope to fill them in a more organized fashion (but probably won't!)  But I love that all of my Compassion kids binders are all together on one shelf now.

I took the morning off from Atria because my mother's step son was stopping by to visit her, and I had my monthly lunch date with my friend Kathy.  I was on the way to the restaurant when I had a phone call from the step son letting me know that my mother seemed to have a pain in her finger and had anybody checked that?  I couldn't believe it.  I had written to him TWICE giving him a full report on the accident, including the sprained fingers.  I assured him that the doctor was aware of the problem, that she had been ex-rayed and that I had explained it to her at least 100 times.

I also had a call earlier in the day from someone at Atria.  She said "I'm here with your mother.  She's a little confused and doesn't seem to remember what happened to her."  I told her too that it had been explained to her a zillion times and would probably explain a zillion more times.

Lunch with Kathy was interesting.  Naturally we talked a lot about politics.  Her son and his husband don't know what is going to happen to them.  His husband is from Portugal and is working on his PhD.  He will get his PhD in another couple of years.  Her son has a guest visa because he is married to his husband.  But since the husband never established permanent residency in England because he didn't need to, under the EU, he doesn't know if he will be allowed to stay...and if he can't stay, does his husband lose his guest visa?

After lunch, I went to Atria.  The stepson had stayed less than an hour, according to the guest book  But at least he came which is more than anybody else in the bay area has done.  I stayed until about 5.  Her bruising is more extensive today

She took a nap, and I did too.  We sat there and stared at each other for about an hour.  Occasionally she would tell me that her fingers hurt and she didn't know why. At one point she told me that she didn't know why, but all she could think of in the back of her head was that she wanted to walk and just keep on walking forever.  I wondered if this, combined with her obsession with seeing her mother lately meant anything.
I decided to turn on the TV and tried to find something that she might be interested in enough to look.  I tried Ellen but she just turned to me and said "do you understand anything that is going on?"  I finally just turned the set off. She is beyond being able to watch TV and enjoy it.

When I left she was upset because she didn't know what she was supposed to do if I'm not there.

It was a hour earlier than yesterday, but I was eager to see my new office.  I will go back at some point tomorrow, but my heart is in starting to arrange the office.

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