Saturday, June 18, 2016

Boxes and Boxes

So many many decisions.

Today I went to Michael's Craft Shop to look at boxes.  The array is dazzling, the choices mind boggling.  I got a few.

The one on the bottom left is what I hope is the start of making some sense out of the mountain of stickers I have (top drawer, dog stickers; middle drawer, heart stickers; bottom drawer, flower stickers).  The bottom right has 14"square paper, the bottom booklets of it, the top individual sheets.  The box with the pink lock has many sections into which i can easily separate the kinds of things I put in pockets of pocket letter.

Someone told me I should shop at the Container Store.  The nearest one is in Sacramento and I checked out their web site.  What I found was mind boggling.

Just looking at it made my head hurt.  So many decisions!  But I thought I'd start small(er) and go to Michael's.  Even there the choices were staggering.  I bought the boxes that I showed above, but then thought about:

or maybe

Each was 60% off (another plus of Michaels.  Sales everywhere).   Ned had given me dimensions of some of the slots that were going to be able to be filled when this is all finished. 

My goal is to get as much stuff into identifiable containers (i.e., labeled with contents, or clear so it's obvious) to keep it from getting dusty and falling on the floor.  E.g., I want a container for paper scraps, which I sometimes use on projects, but which are too small to keep corralled unless they are put into something...but where to put them?

Ned has certainly given me lots and lots of shelf space to put containers and I just have to figure out how best to utilize it all.  But making the decisions of what to get and what to put into stuff, and how to best put those containers for easily accessibility is starting to give me headaches.

But actually, now that we are this close to the end, they are headaches that are kinda sorta exciting.

It's VERY purple!


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