Friday, March 4, 2016

Lizzie Comes Home

We went and picked Lizzie up at the vet's yesterday morning. They say the surgery went well and we have an appointment to have the Fentynl patch removed on Monday and in two weeks to get her stitches removed.  She was happy to see us but confused.  

A bag of pills and a mere $1,500 later, we were on our way home.

I sat in the back of the car with her to make sure she didn't bite at her leg.  There was a lot of "nice to see you, but why did you do this to me?" about her on the ride home.
Of course as soon as we arrived home, she started to bite at her leg, so the dreaded Cone of Shame had to be added.

She lay in the floor for a while, but seemed very uncomfortable, not quite sure wat to do with her head.

She did finally settle into the dog bed where she spent most of the afternoon, but the night was a nighmare.  She has to move to whatever room I am in and then she can't find a way to get comfortable.  I swear she paced all night long, though now that I have moved into my office she seems to be somewhere sleeping.  I hope.  Wish I could do so as well !

I was afraid we were going to have problems because she has 3 pills to take, two twice a day and one three times a day.  I give the pills to her in Vienna sausages, which she loves, but last night she wouldn't even look at the sausage.  Nor was she the least interested in her dinner.  She drove me crazy because if I was in the kitchen, she would be in the kitchen, her food bowl left in the family room, where she eats.  If I went into the family room to keep Polly from eating Lizzie's dinner, she came into the family room, but wouldn't touch her food.  

I took her collar off and scratched her all over (she had been trying to scratch her ears all afternoon) and then she did finally eat and when I gave her the pills, she took them without a problem.  Thank goodness she is so food oriented!  But of course as soon as she finished eating, she wanted to bite at her surgery site again, so the cone had to be put back on.  I apologized to her all the time I was doing.  I am very lucky that she is so docile and lets me torture her like that, though I wonder if this acquiescence is going to last for as long as she has to wear the cone.

The doctor called in the afternoon and said surgery went well and tells me he had to perform the same surgery on both of his dogs and within weeks they were out running with him again, so I am optimistic that we have fixed the problem.

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