Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bald as a Billiard Ball

14 March 2013
Poster.jpg (37847 bytes)It was that time again.  Time for St. Baldrick's Foundation to have its annual fund-raiser for children's cancer research.  Our friend Nancianne had her head shaved last year at this time and we went down to support her, take pictures, and take her to dinner.

We had such fun and Nancianne seemed to enjoy having us there so much that we decided to do it again this year.  A couple of other people said they were going to come, but weren't able to be there, so it was just us again.
This is a real feel good event.  It is held at DeVere's Irish pub.  Last year they shaved people under a tent on the sidewalk in front of the pub; this year they were off to the side, with the registration table on the sidewalk.

St. Baldrick, I learned today, is the oldest foundation raising money for children's cancer research.  Most of its fund raising comes about at head-shaving events like this.  They've been at it since 1999 and have raised over $118 million, with shaves taking place in all 50 states and 28 countries world-wide.

I had to take her photo before the shaving started, of course.

Before.jpg (61052 bytes)

Nancianne is a professor at American River College, and possibly not your typical shavee (she hates that term, which she insists is not a real word to be found in any dictionary!), but she always sees at least one of her students at the event (a guy who works for the pub).  I thought this guy was one of her students, since he greeted her so warmly.

TwoUp.jpg (71912 bytes)

But he was just another guy there for the shaving.  It's amazing how quickly you can shave a head!

MidShave.jpg (67629 bytes)

When it was all over, there was a round of applause from all the beauticians and other baldees in the area (as well as spectators like Walt and me)

Finished.jpg (75046 bytes)

Last year DeVere's gave the shavees (sorry, Nancianne) a free drink when it was all over but they didn't do it this time.  So we bought Nancianne's drink as well as her dinner.

wShirt.jpg (63020 bytes)

We lucked out because a bunch of guys from a bagpipe group in a nearby town had been shaved, so some of their friends were there to seranade them.

Pipes.jpg (64902 bytes)

And you know how much I enjoy a good bagpipe!

The atmosphere in DeVere's was festive and it was fun being there surrounded by all those bald people.  Really a fun evening and I'm glad we were there to share it with Nancianne.

No new Nana update.  She's still hanging in there...and I now have her web site on my cell phone so I can check it when I'm out!!


Harriet said...

St. Baldrick's is a big annual event in a nearby town, where most of the shavees are kids. It tells you a lot about the parents. 8)

Kwizgiver said...

Our local head-shaving cancer fundraiser is Planet Head Day--people then paint their heads like planets! My knitting group made hats to donate to those who shaved their heads.