Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In My Dreams

I didn't realize that a urinary tract infection could wipe you out.   But then I've never been this old before, and the last one I had was 30 years ago.   This afternoon, I decided I needed a real nap and so went into the living room and lay down on the couch, under Polly (who was very confused that we were doing this when it was still light out)
The sun streamed through the window and it felt so good lying there warmed by the sun.

I fell asleep almost instantly and woke up about an hour and a half later.  While asleep, I had a bizarre dream.  Walt and I were with my mother....somewhere.  I don't know where.  But it was her birthday and I told her we'd take her out for a Mexican dinner.  

Mexicanfood.jpg (33379 bytes)

The restaurant had been a sit-down place,but was now a fast food place.  We went to the counter and ordered our food and when we got to the table, I realized that we had my mother's food, but not mine.  I also wanted chips and guacamole, so I went back to let the counter person know that I had not received my meal and also to order chips and guacamole. 

guacamole.jpg (151776 bytes)

She re-ordered my meal and gave me this tiny packet of guacamole and no chips.  I was commenting on how the quality of food had gone way down since the restaurant had become a fast food joint.

Suddenly Walt and I were somewhere else...it was a subplot of the dream, but I can't remember it now, but we then realized we had left my mother at the restaurant and returned for her.  We knew she had no money and didn't know where she was.

We found her sitting by a pool next to the restaurant,  I asked what had happened to our dinners and she said they had thrown them away.  I was very upset because I was looking forward to Mexican food, which is my favorite.

Next it was a new dream and I was home.  There had been a second mail delivery, a package from one of our foreign students who had sent me two packages of chocolates, but the packages were torn open and they were spilling out.  Polly managed to get through the front gate and was eating them as they fell on the ground.

Now.  I have been on this Diabetes eating plan for three days now.  Today I fixed myself oatmeal for breakfast.  The oatmeal was from a box that is probably several years old and the result was inedible, so I pretty much skipped breakfast.

I somehow don't think it takes any sort of a degree in to analyze my dreams this afternoon!  Oh it's going to be a long life....

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Mary Z said...

With your creativity and love of cooking, you'll come up with some great dishes in no time.

Get a cookbook called "Deleites de la Cocina Mexicana" by Maria Luisa Urdaneta and Daryl F. Kanter. Great Mexican recipes, with nutritional information, and suitable for diabetics. Two of my diabetic friends have borrowed the book to copy recipes and get ideas.