Monday, September 24, 2012


Two of my Grandma fantasies came true this weekend.  I pictured being in the kitchen, fixing food with my grandchildren, and that happened yesterday when Bri and I made clam dip and, later, fruit salad.

The second fantasy occurred later in the day.  When we arrived at their house, Tom was watching the 49er game (and not very happy about it).  Bri was in the kitchen playing with her Lego blocks.  She and I played together for some time, making a garden, a house, and cars out of Lego.  

Whenever Tom let out an agonizing scream, she would run into the living room to find out what happened and then report back to me. Sadly, our son was not a happy camper today.

When Lego construction finally ran its course, Bri drew several pictures for me.  

This is her family.  Daddy is the guy on the left, Mommy is the black figure, Lacie is the tiny figure and you can tell Brianna on the right because of the curly hair.  The family is in a house (the orange circle around them).  I asked her to sign it for me because I want to send it to Fred, in the Philippines, who sends me such great drawings.

Laurel and Bri went off to the farmer's market while Tom selflessly volunteered to stay home while Lacie napped and, oh yeah, he might watch a little football too.  He got Lacie in bed and about then, noted that Grandpa was sleeping.

Tom texted Laurel:  "Dad is out; we are still working on Lacie."

When Laurel and Bri returned, Tom was making a lasagna to take to the family of Bri's BFF, whose mother just gave birth a week ago.  Bri sat and watched more football with Grandpa.  There was some discussion about whether to hope the Raiders or the Jets should win.  We were for Oakland, of course.  Bri liked the Jets because their uniforms are yellow.

Finally my second fantasy came true.  Laurel came in with a bowl of popcorn and a video and we sat there watching Bambi with Bri.  We had given it to her a year ago, I think, and I hoped we could watch it with her, but there was never time and I've been mildly disappointed, but today I watched my favorite cartoon with our granddaughter and it was great.

Of course I may have scarred her for life.  I should have asked Laurel ahead of time if Bri knew what really happened to Bambi's mother.  I suspect from the number of times she asked me about why the hunter killed her that maybe a softer excuse for her disappearance may have been given in previous viewing of the movie!

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