Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventures at Burger Queen

We had lunch at the Burger Queen today.  We eat there usually every time we are driving to Santa's just about the right distance from Davis to hit it in time for a late lunch.  It's a 2 and a half hour drive to Salinas and the Burger Queen, which is in Gonzales, is just 20 minutes farther. As you make the last curve in the road you know it's getting close because you can spot the water tower in the distance.  The water tower is across the highway from the restaurant.

Across the street from the Burger Queen is McDonald's, but who want to eat there when you can eat at the Burger Queen?  The food is cooked to order and is much fresher than McD's.  You can get a cheeseburger or menudo, a hot dog or huevos rancheros.  We often see farm workers inside.

I knew that it would probably be impossible to stick with my program, but I figured I would just order a cheeseburger and it wouldn't be too bad, but the thing was huge.  I couldn't finish it all.  I did eat a lot of the fries, though.

There was a family there with three children.  A baby who may have been 18 months (and in a stroller), a boy who looked like he was between 2 and 3 and a girl who may have been 5.  All three children shrieked or cried the whole time we were there.  Ear splitting.  I saw the waitress cover her ears several times (and when we left, she whispered an apology to me for the noise).

It was the little boy who drew my attention, though.

They had machines where for 25 cents you could buy a cheap toy.  He wanted one. Badly. He yelled and begged and tried to climb behind the machine to get a toy.  Someone finally gave him a quarter and he bought a toy, but then he saw one he wanted better.  It was a multicolored little ball and it was in the middle of the machine.  He had to have it. He screamed and yelled and demanded "I WANT MONEY!" over and over again.  The adults, who didn't understand what was going on, gave him another quarter and he put that in the machine, but of course he didn't get the toy wanted.  He was still screaming when we left.

There was another couple there, sitting near us, who sat by the window and kept waving to somebody outside.  I didn't know who.  But when we went out to our car, we saw who they were waving at.

This dog had climbed up on one of the outside tables and from there onto the ledge of the window.  He was very cute!

We continued on down to Alice Nan's house, where we checked out the offering on the Table of Wonder, where all the available snack foods are always displayed. Everything fresh fruit to carrots and hummus, to a variety of cookies and candy to wine.  Whatever you are wanting, chances are you can find it here!

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Mary Z said...

Makes you want to smack the parents, doesn't it.

Love the "Table of Wonder" idea.