Monday, September 14, 2009


First, a couple of days ago, I did an entry on my memories of the 50s, inspired by Jon's entry of the day before that. Well, he went me one better. Check out his entry, "What She Did, I Did Too."

Now, let's talk puppies.

mflsleeping.jpg (101494 bytes)

This is how I see them most of the time, roly poly little bellies hanging out, puppies totally passed out. Sometimes they are separated like this, sometimes cuddled up close together.

FredHigSleep.jpg (117534 bytes)

And sometimes in their sleep, they find ways to get those sucking urges met.

FredonHig.jpg (89554 bytes)

They are now taking so much by bottle (8 oz for Higgins, 6 oz each for Eliza and Freddie) that I decided to start them on mash a few days ago, even though it was a bit early. You may remember the result!

MessyFreddie.jpg (30378 bytes)

Freddie was the only one who really ate anything, and he got more on himself than in himself, but Higgins did enjoy licking behind his ears after I gave Freddie his bath.

I decided to give them a few more days and today was the day I was going to try them on mash again. They still aren't really enthusiastic about it, especially Higgins, but they did do much better their second time out.

FirstMash.jpg (113336 bytes)

(They still took a bottle afterwards, because they didn't eat all that much mash...but it's a start. You can also get a really good idea of how much bigger Higgins is than Freddie!)

I just gave them mash at one meal and will offer it at one meal a day for the next few days and eventually get them off formula entirely, which is a good thing since I'm almost out of formula anyway.

My babies are growing up.

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Those puppies are so cute!!!

Sorry I'm late in mingling! :(