Thursday, September 3, 2009


Lester was only here half a day before she and Barkley became BFFs (Best Friends Forever).

BFFs.jpg (52458 bytes)

It has really been amazing to watch. Barkley gets along just fine with our dogs, but he has never established a bond like he has with Lester. Jeri and Phil took Lester out for the afternoon yesterday and Barkley spent half an hour sitting at the front door whining.

Last night after everyone went to bed, Jeri and Phil took Lester upstairs with them, leaving Barkley downstairs. They finally had to let Lester out because Barkley was whining downstairs and Lester was whining upstairs. Walt said it was the canine equivalent of "Romeo and Juliet"!

It's fun having Lester back. It's like she never left, except she's taller and much heavier. This morning she came into my office after she woke up, stood behind me and licked my elbow, just like she always did, to let me know she was awake and ready for some morning hugs.

She's taken over my reciner as her bed again (to her BFF's occasional consternation), and when I sat down last night she leaped into my lap just like she always did, except she's now so heavy she about knocked the wind out of me!

She has grown into the lovely dog I knew she would be, and Jeri and Phil have worked with her so diligently that she is a delight to have around.

I did "medical stuff" today. Had my teeth cleaned and then finally went out to Kaiser to get the blood work done that I should have had done a long time ago. Then I stopped by SaveMart to pick up things that I still needed for Saturday's party.

10 a.m. and not one clerk in the check stands. This meant that everyone had to use the self serve. I don't mind doing self serve for a small load, but I hate having to go through it with a large load. A clerk standing there to be of assistance told me, when I complained about all the check stands being closed that "she" had left the stand for a minute, meaning that there was only supposedly one check-out clerk working at that time, who had taken a break. When I expressed my dissatisfaction (there are some perks to being old--you can be a grumpy old lady!), she said she would just check me out herself on the self serve.

Well, she had to cancel the first three things she entered and then decided to move to a different station and finally called someone over and asked if he would open up a real check stand and check me out. Heck, if the employees can't even figure out the self-serve station, how are we dumb customers supposed to do it?

(They also didn't have any tonic -- and how can you have vodka tonics without tonic? -- nor did they have won ton wrappers and I had to buy egg roll skins, which I will cut into four squares. I'm not thinking too kindly about Save Mart at the moment.)

I came home and decided to make the first hors d'oeuvre for the party, Mexican won ton, but I was so sleepy I could hardly move. The puppies got me up last night at 2:30 and then again at 5:30. I just kind of sat there, staring off into space, until it was time to feed the puppies again, which kind of woke me up. I finally got all the meat cooked and cooling and then decided to read the instructions for the new deep fat fryer, and decided that I would wash everything first, let it dry, and make the won ton in the morning.

When Jeri got home, she and Walt got involved in a project for the party

Scrapbook.jpg (47394 bytes)

And when Phil arrived home, after having taken Lester for a walk, he helped keep Higgins quiet while the puppy waited his turn to be fed.

PhilHiggins.jpg (31154 bytes)

Tomorrow is going to be very busy, with all the hors d'oeuvres to fix, the cake to decorate, and everything gotten together so we can go to San Rafael Friday morning. I wonder if the puppies will let me get any sleep tonight...


Anonymous said...

I ABHOR self checkout lanes at stores!! Glad you finally made it through :)

Happy Thursday!


Indigo said...

The dogs are so cute, and the Higgins too! I *detest* the self-check lane, unless of course, all the other lanes are full and it's my only option to get out of the store anytime soon.

I hope the party is fantastic!


kathi said...

I generally like self-checkout, but not at the stores that don't make a decent effort to maintain them (keeping scanner clean, receipt printout rolls full, etc.). I *love* the dog and puppy pics, that BFF pic is just wonderful!

Happy mingling!

Anonymous said...

Love the doggies. I love self check out lanes, they never seem to have much of a line and are quicker.

Hope your day does well tomorrow.