Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Animal Fries

Did you know In-and-Out Burger had a "secret menu"? I sure didn't.

I had a delightful guest this afternoon. My friend Catherine's daughter, who had moved into her dorm at UCD yesterday afternoon, was feeling the need for a "puppy fix" so I invited her to come over and meet the puppies.

S-Fred.jpg (134950 bytes)

She fell in love with all of them (who wouldn't?) and we spent a very pleasant hour playing with or watching the puppies. And we found out that now that Dexter is feeling comfortable around here, and not quite so intimidated by all the other dogs, that he is quite the lothario. There was a lot of pupophilia going on around here.

pupophilia.jpg (125510 bytes)

Higgins wasn't too happy about it, but Dexter wasn't going to give up without a struggle.

pupophilia2.jpg (121124 bytes)

But tiny tho Dexter is, size is apparently no object (which explains those German Shephard / daschund combinations you see from time to time!)

Humpleg.jpg (85370 bytes)

He wasn't quite tall enough to really do a good job on Lizzie, but he did find her leg rather attractive.

After about an hour, the puppies were fading fast, so I offered to drive my guest back to her dorm. She asked if we could stop by In-and-Out so she could get some dinner, since she hadn't had any lunch. I heard her order something special--and I didn't think you got special stuff at In-and-Out, so when we sat down I asked her what she had ordered. Her "burger" was to come without meat (I can't remember what it's called), and instead of fries, she had something called "animal fries," which she described as something like a "heart attack in a bowl," but oh my word was it good...french fries covered with melted cheese, grilled onions, and "pink sauce" (which seemed to be similar to Thousand Island dressing). Naturally if it's like a "heart attack in a bowl," you know it's going to be something I'm going to find delicious.

I'm not a big In-and-Out Burger fan...but I may have to go back just to sound like I'm one of the "in crowd" and order off the secret menu!


kathi said...

Ohhhh... puppy cuteness!!

Those "animal fries" sound so bad-for-you good. Although the phrase "animal fries" could conjure up quite the bad mental image, huh?

Mingle on!

Anonymous said...

Aww poor little Dexter, he's so cute, I bet he'll be cuter when he has all his fur