Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Remember When...?

Remember when there were whole stores filled with computer programs you could buy?

I loved those stores as much as I love book stores, though I rarely bought anything because most were more than I felt I could spend.  There were programs for everything.  I remember one time sitting and looking longingly at a program for the National Geographic, which purported to have every issue of the magazine on one program, then had to laugh at myself because we had just gotten rid of many years worth of the magazine, most of which I had never read but had looked at the pictures.

There were word processing programs and graphics programs and games and all the programs that were too technical into interest me.  The one store I liked the best was the size of a Tower record store (remember records?)

Now those same programs are still available, but you don't need fancy packaging.  Now whatever you want is downloaded from the internet and all the supporting material -- manual, graphics, etc. is also found on the internet. No need to clutter your shelves with How To books.  All you have to do is send them all your money...and if you can't figure it out, you can bet there are lots of You Tube videos which will instruct you.

And then there are programs like PhotoShop, which, if you buy it, is in the hundreds of dollars range, but you can RENT it for a monthly fee (I have a Very Old real program that still works, but which won't if I have to upgrade this computer)

Last night Walt was trying to find something that was the right size that he can put by the bed to put all the stuff he needs to have for his C-PAP machine.  He found a little cube-like cabinet that was perfect, but it was full of stuff (every piece of furniture we have forgotten about is always full of stuff!)

One of the things he found inside was a program I had been given at Christmas in about 1998, which is a Corel Print House program, with a Wizard of Oz theme.  I had totally forgotten that I had it.  I was going to install it when I had the time to look at the instructions and see if I could do it, set it aside, and promptly forgot about it.

(I'm guessing I received it in 1998 because that is the date on the documents on the CDs that have the program, but it could have been purchased later.)

Walt was triumphant, pointing out that he's not the only person who doesn't use his gifts.  of course, he has years and years of gifts he has never touched.  I have one.

I don't know if it is going to run on this computer or if it is too old.  It does not automatically start when I put in the disk, which most programs like this used to do, and somehow without moving from my recliner last night, I managed to lose the thick manual that comes with the program.  It is amazing to me how often I sit in a chair and lose things without moving.

So that will be a project for me today -- finding the manual and seeing if I can load this on the computer.  It looks like it has lots of fun things I could make for the girls.  The girls didn't exist when I was given this program and I wasn't sure what I'd use it for, which is why I didn't have any pressing desire to install it...and then forgot it.

As it happens, I have an unexpected free day.  The plan today was that Ned was going to come here and we would drive over to Eldervilla and see my mother.  I told Sandy we would come "unless you think we should give her a few more days."

Sandy responded, "You are always welcome, but some more delay will make it easier.  We will be changing her meds tomorrow.  She is getting used to sitting with us and talking about things important to her."

So I told him we would wait until next week (when Jeri will be here) before coming.  This gives me time to find the program manual and see if I can install the program.  I checked on the internet and it is still available to buy, so I'm hoping that I can.

The free day also gives Ned time to work on a project he's about to start, so I guess it's a win-win for all of us.

LOL....I just found the manual.  It was in the printer, where I had scanned it for Photo of the Day.  I swear, I'm going to go on the waiting list for Eldervilla the next time they have an opening!

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