Thursday, February 21, 2019

Slow Moving Spring

Looking back over February entries from several years in the past, I note that I almost always write about surprise that the trees are blossoming and that surely it is too soon to be spring.  But those blossoms come every year and each year they surprise me.

But this year the blossoms are slow to come.  Even our apple tree in the back yard, usually covered in blossoms by mid-February, remains bare.
There are a few signs of spring around here

But they are few and far between.

The street where I took these photos is usually lined for several blocks with a beautiful canopy of blossoms.  Yesterday it was just a bunch of bare branches.  The almond orchards along I-80 are usually full of blossoms by now, but they too are still bare (or were when I drove there a week ago)
It will be interesting to see how late spring blossoms this year.

Walt had a very emotional day yesterday.  When we moved here, I didn't choose a dentist for about 20 years (I've told that story before) but Walt decided to continue going to Berkeley to the dentist we had both gone to for years (I stopped going the day he yelled at me for not flossing).  How can you give up on a guy named Hercules Demosthenes Morphopolous? Herc eventually retired and died a few years ago but Walt continued going to the office.  He liked his day in Berkeley and he liked his new dentist Zarrin Ferdowsi.

In the meantime I finally chose a dentist, my friend Cindy with whom I had worked in a typing service for many years, while she was getting her dental practice established.

But with Walt's current physical problems, he has decided that he can no longer do is long Berkeley days and that he should change dentists, so he now has an upcoming appointment with Cindy.  From time to time Cindy talks about retirement and though I usually see her hygienist, the thought of having to have a different dentist is very emotional for me, so I can just imagine what Walt feels, having been to the Morphopolous/Ferdowsi office for more than 50 years.

However, to balance that emotional upset, he had a great triumph this morning.  After Tom got his new computer set up and left, Walt could not print from it, though Tom printed from it just fine.  But this morning he discovered the one little tweak which, when he made it, started the thing printing, so now if he can just figure out a way to get his email so we can drop Davis Community Network for Comcast Cable, we'll be all set.

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