Friday, January 11, 2019


A wonderfully quiet day at home with no doctor visits!!!!  Not only that, but Atria is under quarantine because some people have the flu, so I couldn't go see my mother even if I wanted to.  Guilt-free!
Walt and I apparently had a good night.  He slept in his bed and Ned got up a few times to check on him, but he got a good night of sleep and I fell asleep during the DVR recording of God Friended Me and except for a bref trip to the bathroom woke when I received a phone call at 7:30.  What a nice normal night!

Walt's brother Norm came up in the late morning and stayed until after dinner.  He is a golf fan and there was a televised golf tournament from their old neighborhood in Hawaii so they watched that for awhile.

Ned gave Norm the "how to take care of Dad" session and then went off to run errands.  Fortunately, Dad didn't need taking care of, but Norm was ready.

Alice Nan left Santa Barbara at 8:30 and was here sometime after 3.  She's staying a few days.  She also got the "how to take care of Dad" seminar.

Jessica dropped by with another batch of soup and some rolls.  Polly has given up attacking everybody who comes in.  So many people have been here the past few months, that she pretty much gives up.  Though with a handful of popcorn, Norm discovered that you CAN buy her love.

We had a nice instantpot dinner and as we were finishing up, everybody's cell phone rang at the same time.  Jeri has been coordinating things so that when Ned is gone for 3 weeks, someone will be here to help with Walt and she was sending everyone (except Walt) a chart of who was coming here when.

About this time we learned there was an active shooter in downtown Davis, who had shot a female officer.  She had been taken to Sutter Davis Hospital and was in serious condition.  No other information other than that she had responded to a call about a 3-car collision.  But there are messages all over Twitter, Facebook, and Neighborhood about everyone staying indoors because they are still looking for the shooter.

When Norm decided it was time to leave, I reassured him that nobody was going to mistake him for a 20 year old shooter.

As of this writing (10 p.m.) the shooter is still at large and they are evacuating houses for people's safety.  

But Walt is about to be safely tucked away in bed for the night and hopefully all the excitement will have died down by the time he wakes up.

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