Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday 9

Saturday 9:  I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
In honor of Elvis' birthday (January 8.) 

1) Elvis sings that he thinks about this girl all the time. What person or topic is on your mind this Saturday?
Well with my husband's hospitalization this week and his slow recovery, he is on everybody's minds this week.

2) He wants to forget the day he met his girl, but simply can't. Think about someone very important in your life. Did you know right away that they were going to be influential?
Of all the people I've met in my life I would think of about four or five who were influential.  The first would have been my typing teacher and lifelong friend, Sister Anne (sadly, now dead)

Since this week's song is about memories, let's check on how well you recall events in your own life.

3) What was the first concert you ever attended?
Judy Garland at the Opera House in San Francisco.   This was the concert before the tour she made after her "Carnegie Hall" album (I saw that concert too)

4) Where did you get your first piercing? (Not only where on your body, but who did the deed and where did they do it?)
Only been pierced once.  When I was in (Catholic) high school, only "bad" girl had pierced ears.  I waited until 1967, after I'd had my second child.  I  went to a jewelry store in San Francisco, was lead to the back of the store and up dark stairs to an attic type room (at lest that was my memory of it).  I felt like I had gone in for an abortion.  When my ears developed an infection and swelled up, I was too embarrassed to go through it al again, so I just kept swabbing them with alcohol and eventually it subsided and I've had no trouble since.

5) What's the name of the bank where you had your first checking account?
My mother worked for Bank of America throughout her career, so my first bank was at B of A.  Never thought of any other bank.

6) Tell us about your first bicycle.
It was a used one-speed that we found an ad for in the paper.  I loved it, but was a bit jealous when my sister, a couple of years later, was given a brand new 3-speed.

7) Who received the first text you ever sent?
Probably Walt.  But that was a very. long. time. ago.

8) What had you been drinking when you suffered your first hangover?
I can't remember the incident, but it was probably either champagne or a champagne cocktail.  I didn't start heavy duty drinking until I was in college.  Hating hangovers was one of the reasons I gave up drinking many years ago.

9) Whose was the first wedding you ever attended?

I'm not sure.  The first one I remember was my cousin's in the late 1950s.  I was her maid of honor.

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