Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Alert the Media

I left the house yesterday!

I haven't left the house to review a show in 3 weeks and my lunch date had been postponed twice so I've just been huddled at home. (Though I've been t Atria and to Kaiser with my mother, I don't really consider that "getting out.")

Walt has been picking up food when we run out (his standard store run includes ice cream and bananas), but I haven't had to go to the store in weeks, so I've been enjoying "hermit-ing" and realizing that the older I get the more like my father I get.  (At least I don't have a "go away; don't bother me" sign on my front door!)

But yesterday, I had to face the face that we were out of major food stuffs and that I had cooked our last Home Chef meal and unless we were going to have toast for dinner, I had to actually go out in public and do some shopping.

Of course, the first stop had to be Atria.  I know she has no concept if I've been there yesterday or last month, but I always feel guilty if I skip more than a day.  Problem is that more and more I drag my feet.  I somehow hate the long walk from one end of the building to the other, and don't look forward to our hour of hearing about how old she is.  The good days are when she's in fantasy land and talks about what her sister is doing these days.

But I went.  And there was no parking to be had for love or money within the long block.  Rather than park a long way away, I realized that I have been thinking for weeks about going to the World Market to look for a donut pan.  

I saw a new chef on the Food Network recently who made baked apple cider donuts and it reminded me of the delicious donuts we had in Apple Hill a bit ago and I really wanted to try making some when Jeri and Phil were here, but I needed donut pans.  Thinking I would get them right away, I bought the apple cider and it's been "aging" for 2 weeks.  So I've been thinking about getting donuts to use the cider and casually looking whenever I was in a store, but realized I needed a specialty shop.

So I went to World Market.

The first thing that greeted me was their big display of chocolates of the world.

This is just a small section of the display of chocolates from Switzerland, Africa and other places (I didn't look carefully).  Each bar is 3.5 oz and cost $4.  I wonder if they sell many at that price.  But they it was certainly a colorful display.

Then I looked to my left and saw this display for the upcoming Chinese New Year's celebration.

This will be the year of the dog.  We should celebrate.  But then every year is the year of the dog around here!  They had some Chinese almond cookies which I loved when I was a kid, so I got a big package of them (they don't taste the same...but then the foods I loved when I was a kid, I'm discovering, don't taste the same now that I'm an old lady.)

World Market did indeed have donut pans and I bought two of them so am now in business.  I just need to make the donuts.

After I'd made my purchases, I drove back to Atria, but there was still no parking, so I decided to go to the supermarket and then try again.  It had been so long since I'd been at Nugget Market that I was having a lovely time looking at all the new displays and deciding what I was going to fix for the next two nights.

By the time I'd finished my shopping and got into the car, it was 3:30, and really too late to go to Atria.  I feel guilty that I was not sad about that.  Today is the day that her "Alzheimers buddy" comes so I don't fee bad about skipping today (since Walt needs the car), but I'll visit on Thursday and then on Friday she goes back to the orthopedist.  The cast remains on, which is a good thing.

But anyway, the world didn't notice that I'd emerged from hermithood briefly, but I did.  Saturday there is a play to review, so my days of being a hermit are about over

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