Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Stealing

 Bah Humbug!  Before we get all warm and cozy for the upcoming holidays, here's a chance to let out all those angry feelings you've been harboring .  I copied this a long time ago and don't remember where I stole it from.

TV show I loathe:
If I loathe the show, I won't watch it.  There are several shows that I have never watched that I know I would loathe if I did...any "mating and dating" show (The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, etc), anything with Kardashian or "Christley" in it

Movie I loathe:
I can't think of a movie I loathe (except I remember hating The Stuntman decades ago but don't remember why now.  There are movies I'm not fond of, especially at this time of year-foremost among them would be It's a Wonderful Life (because it's played to death in December) followed by any of the sappy formulaic Christmas movies that Hallmark shows during the whole month of December.
Music genres I loathe:
Anything loud and "splatty," which would include not only heavy metal, but also most modern operas and/or symphonies!

Magazine which annoys me:
I don't really read magazines any more because the print size is too small, but I would think I would not enjoy any right wing propagandistic publication.

Makes me cranky at restaurant:
Two things -- parents who let their kids run around unsupervised, and overly solicitous wait staff.  It's one thing to be attentive to your customers; it's entirely another to interrupt them every couple of minutes to ask if everything is all right.  Olive Garden in Sacramento is famous for this.

Makes me cranky in public:
Everybody walking around looking at their cell phones.

Makes me impatient at home:
Polly's bark to let us know we are not doing something she wants us to do.  There is no "off" button on a Chihuahua!

Makes me impatient at work:
I'm retired, so this doesn't apply.

Celebrity I hate:
"Hate" is such a strong word, but I find I can't look at Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey or Matt Lauer now and I used to like all three of them.  So very disillusioned!

Music artist I hate:
I don't know any current music artists enough to hate any of them.

I could care less about:
What Bill O'Riley, Rush Limbaugh or Steve Bannon have to say, though Bannon is a very scary guy with far too much influence on #45.

Blogger's habit that annoys you:
It annoys me when a blogger writes something really good....but has no comment or contact information so I can compliment him/her on it.

Feature on your blog you hate:
I'm pretty much content with it.  I would like to change the look just because it's looked the same for many, many years, but every time I try I end up with the same look -- it's why I change the wallpaper and colors each month.  It's the only change I feel comfortable with.

Politician that you hate:
Could there be any doubt?

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Kwizgiver said...

That last picture should be his official White House portrait. Smugger-than-thou.