Friday, December 1, 2017

Sock It To Me

What's wrong with this picture?

They sorta match, don't they? 

I love socks.  There are so many cute designs you can buy.  I have this box full of socks with designs I love...this is after I threw away more than half of them that I knew I would never wear.

These are the ones I couldn't bear to throw away--the Chihuahua design, Shakespeare, I think there is a Lamplighters pair or two in this collection...and the Christmas socks.  The problem with them, though is that my calves are too fat.  It's a struggle to put them on and then shortly after, they start cutting into my legs and I just want to rip them off.  So I should throw them away, right?  Sigh.

This is another box filled with different socks

Most of these fit.  They are soft and easily slip on and stay up, but do not bind my legs.  But most of them are only one of a pair.

When I was learning about diabetes many years ago, I read that you should never go barefoot.  I had been the barefoot queen.  Somewhere there is a picture of me that my sister took shortly after Walt and I were married.  I am sitting on the couch wearing a fancy peignoir set that I got as a bridal shower gift.  It's lovely.  Like one of those flimsy things you'd see on a movie screen.  Out from under the peignoir are my bare feet and black soles.  

After years of always being barefoot, my feet were black and had calluses that could qualify as shoes themselves.  So after reading about diabetics and feet, I started wearing socks and began wearing socks 24/7.  Yes, I wear socks when I sleep.  Yes, I even wear socks with sandals.  The result is that my feet are no longer black and my calluses are pretty much gone.  And I loved shopping at sites like Joy of Socks t see what cute new designs they had.

Peggy and I were birds of a feather.  We spent a lot of time in sock shops when she was here in California.  The difference between us was that she didn't mind paying big bucks for the socks she wanted to buy; I would look at socks I loved, then check the price and sigh.  I'm all for kitsch.
I don't remember when I discovered fuzzy socks, but other than being 90% just a striped pattern (unless you buy more expensive ones) they are perfect.  Bri and Lacie have given me several pairs of fuzzy socks that are good quality and last longer.  But you can also find cheap ones at the Dollar Store.  They are shorter than I like and they wear out quickly, but I can go 6 months on 3 new pairs of Dollar Store socks.

What happens with the socks, though, is that I wear them all the time, without shoes inside the house, and occasionally outside if I'm, for example, going to the sidewalk to pick up the newspaper or put something in the garbage.  All of my life my right foot "twists" slightly.  It's not noticeable and I only notice it when I try to slip into my Birkinstocks. I can slip right into the left one, but have to sit down and put my right one on because the foot won't go straight.  My mother, for many years, always commented on how my foot twisted when I walked...nobody else has ever mentioned it.  I attribute it to being a breach baby and I guess my foot grew that way.  I am unaware of it until I put on shoes.
So consequently, I get holes in the heels of one sock of every pair because my foot twists as I step down on it.  Obviously I don't have left-footed and right-footed socks, but over the weeks, the twisting right foot wears through the heel of one of the socks.

I almost always wear matching socks, especially in public, but when I'm home alone and know I'm not going to be going out in public, wearing two almost, sorta matching colored socks seems to work just fine.

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