Friday, August 19, 2016

Today at logos

Well, you're going to read a lot of "left without buying anything" here.  I made a grand total of THREE sales this afternoon.

I was pleased, however, to find Sandy and granddaughter Sarah working when I got there.  It's been several months since I've seen Sarah and I swear she's grown a foot and suddenly is starting to look more mature.  She's less than a year older than Brianna, which makes me wonder what Bri is going to be like next year!

She was telling me about watching Steve Harvey's "Extraordinary kids" and in particular one little kid who taught himself to play piano at age 4, while watching his father playing. It was fun having the brief visit, but yogurt was calling them, so they didn't stay.

The first customer came in looking for a specific philosophy book, which we did not have, so he left.
The next customer was a Latino in cargo pants and a maroon polo shirt, carrying a drink.  He checked the literature section, but then left without buying anything

An older man with white hair was standing at the Bargain Books but didn't come in.

A red headed girl came in with a bag of books to donate.  They were packaged in a bag from the store "Forever 21."  After I emptied the bag and started to fold it up, I discovered that on the bottom of the bag the store had printed a Biblical reference ("John 3:16"), which seemed a bit odd.  Reminded me of a local attorney who advertises on TV a lot and his commercial always contains a biblical quote on the bottom of it.

A guy I described as a "Mike Blackford" type, but he wasn't as put together. He had long unruly white hair under a baseball cap, and a goatee.  He was carrying a big heavy backpack an wearing flip flops.  He checked the literataure section for a bit, but left without buying anything.

A middle aged man wearing cargo pants (which seem to be very big around here) and a blue polo shirt.  He had either a 5:00 shadow or was doing a good Don Johnson imitation. complete with sunglasses.  He was looking for books by Julia Whitty, but did not find what he was looking for. so left without buying anything

(is this becoming a recording?)

A middle aged man wearing a salmon festival t shirt was looking for a Fodor guide to national parks, but he didn't find it and left without buying anything.

Two young women, each wearing baseball caps with distressed very short denim shorts came in.  They looked around for a long time, but ultimately left without buying anything.

An older man with a walker came in to donate books.  He sat down to rest before leaving.  I gathered from what he said that he had been a photographer and never used things like PhotoShop to enhance a photo.  He had been to Alaska trying to photograph Denali, but never managed to see it without clouds surrounding it. He asked what the status of the store is and I told him I didn't know, but thought they had another year to go on their lease.

A middle aged woman with a lovely pink patterned blouse and jeans looked around in Lit for awhile, but then left without buying anything.

A curly headed young man I had not even seen enter was actually my very first sale, at 3:30.  He bought "90⁰ North," about the quest for the North Pole.  He didn't seem impressed when I told him he was my first sale of the day.

3 Asian women came in together and looked around for a long time, but didn't buy anything.

A very tall man who looked like Michael Gross from Family Ties didn't stay long before leaving but he turned his head around as he was walking out and gave me a smile.
3:45 and my second sale, a middle aged man who bought a book on the 12 Century Renaissance. 
A woman who looked like me, rotund all in black and unkempt, came in and out without buying anything

By now I was getting so bored that I was actually taking pictures of my wrinkled skin to post to Facebook.

My friend came at 4:15 and even he didn't find anything he liked today, so bought nothing.

A middle-aged woman in a skirt, with her hair in a bun and a heavy backpack on her back entered.  She asked when our next Monday sale as going to be, and then left without buying anything...but she returned later and bought four bargain books.
A woman stopped by the window to take a picture of a book on the display table.  Then she came in and asked how late we would be open.  I got the idea she planned to come back later and buy the book.

A tall guy wearing a shirt that said "Make it rain" was looking for textbooks but looked around anyway and then left.

Susan arrived early since her Italian speaking group was meeting tonight.  I asked her the status of the store.  The building has been sold to some conglomerate that builds strip malls.  The jewelry store had its rent raised so high they moved out, but the shop has remained empty for months.  The athletic shop next door will probably close.  
Susan says their lease is up in January, and they may have to close up shop.  But since Peter just turned one of those "zero years" he may be ready to give up working so hard to do some traveling.

We talked about the upcomng "Nifty Fifty" party the Pinata Group is having on Saturday (celebrating the 5 Pinata kids who turn 50 this year).  
There are 44 coming and one guy has bought a pinata.  Of all years for Tom to decide not to come...but maybe hitting a 49er symbol would be too painful for him.
I bought enough clams and cream cheese to make a vat of clam dip and ingredients to decorate the cake I promised to bring.  Another pinata cake (we will not hit it...I don't think).

In the morning we are meeting with Atria reps again to see about arranging for assisted living for my mother, an in the afternoon Lizzie gets her annual shots
Oh yeah...and something exciting happened at the end of the day:

Jeri and Phil arrived from Boston!!!!

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