Friday, January 30, 2015

Today at Logos

First, an observation I made last night while going to the couch to sleep.  Each night when I come into the darkened room, Sheila immediately gets off the couch, where she has slept all day, and sleeps by my side on the floor.  It occurs to me that the dog and I are sharing a bed.  She uses it in the day, I use it at night.  It's our version of Cox and Box.

That said, how was today at Logos?  I had a chat with Sandy about her upcoming trip to Viet Nam, Cambodia and, because they'll be in the neighborhood anyway, Nepal, where they have friends and plan to go hiking.  They'll be gone 7 weeks and it sounds like an exhausting, but exciting trip.

There was a guy with a Big Dog in the place when she left.  The dog was a yellow pup, not sure the breed, but his name was Thunder and he was very friendly.  We bonded.

I chose a Ruth Rendell book to read while working today, since we had a large number of new ones to the store.  I picked the shortest one. It is turning out to be another page turner and since I didn't quite finish it, I brought it home to finish here and take back to Logos next week.

A "rumpled couple" came in.  I think mother and son.  He was in baggy jeans and a narrow brimmed hat.  She was in a saggy top, black pants and also wore a felt hat.  She was looking for a specific female travel author (which she did not find), but ultimately bought three very thick books, saying that she doesn't like "Jane Austen-y" books...likes something with more heft.  We talked about travel books by women and I told her about the book I'd read about the woman who traveled across China on public transportation.

As she was leaving she spied the cards we have for sale by a local artist and decided to purchase a sunflower card because of something in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.

A guy wearing a River Cats shirt (the River Cats are the Sacramento minor league baseball team) bought two books on atoms and molecules.  He paid, but then kept standing there like he expected me to do something else.  Maybe he thought I'd give him a bag (which we no longer do). He finally picked up his books and left.

(Aside...I wonder why every customer who brings book to the desk places them as far from me as they can instead of handing them to me)

A woman with a stroller containing a child of about 18 mos, with a very dirty face came in with a book from the bargain table outside.

An older guy in a large black cowboy hat browsed for awhile but didn't buy anything.

A tall, thin woman in a long striped dress made of some soft, filmy material, boots that disappeared under her dress, and a knit white tam-o-shanter on her head was looking for "Reconnections," a book about healing yourself and others by Eric Pearl.  I directed her to the self help section, but she didn't find it and said "thank you" as she was leaving, but then returned with a bargain book by David Attenborough.  She was very sad when I told her he died this past year.

A guy with sideburns down to his chin, and a biker bag slung across his shoulders browsed through the literature section, but left without buying anything.  Nor did the guy who came in carrying a foil-wrapped burrito from the local Chipotle.  And "my friend," who arrived at 4:25 couldn't find anything he wanted either today.

A small Asian woman with a folded up scooter under her arm and Yoko Ono sunglasses spent a lot of time sitting on the floor looking through books. She ultimately bought a bargain book and "Kiss of the Spider Woman."

A stooped older woman brought a heavy bag of Poetry magazines to donate.  Then she browsed for awhile and finally purchased a copy of "Beowulf."  She said she had never read it and that "it's about time I got educated."

A tall man with sunglasses on his bald head bought a mystery and I realized after he left that I overcharged him by 4 cents because I misread the amount it showed on the cash register.

A large man came in looking for greeting cards and I sent him to the book store in the next block. (Our cards are blank inside)

A woman and a teenager with bright blue hair were looking through the bargain books outside and I was disappointed that they didn't come in. 

A tall guy in a knit cap came in, disappointed that the unicorn book he had seen on display last week was no longer for sale.

A young woman with dyed reddish hair was looking for a young adult book whose name she couldn't remember by an author she couldn't remember, but knew that her daughter had "axed" for it.  She looked, but didn't find it. She then gave me a very long history of her book collection, her book cases, and the books she had read.

A cheery guy carrying a guitar (not in a case) and a kid with pink hair (this was my day for colored hair!) came in, but they were there for a meeting which was taking place at 7 p.m., so they left and would return later.

Susan arrived with goodies for the meeting, which is concerned with getting the high school literary magazine published.  We had a nice chat until Walt arrived and then Walt and I headed home to be here in time for Jeopardy.

There is a slight chance I may not have access to wifi in the next couple of days, so if there is no entry posted until Sunday, that's why.

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