Thursday, January 29, 2015

Laid Back

Today was so laid back, I didn't notice I was still in my pajamas until after lunch.  I sleep in my clothes so often, when I stagger from recliner to couch, that unless you look at your body, it's easy to forget that you are actually wearing pajamas because they feel the same as your clothes.

But though it was a laid back day, it was still productive.  I managed to answer thirteen letters from Compassion children which had been waiting to be answered, some for over a month.  Some of these were letters that accumulated while I was in Iowa.  

It's not that I hadn't written to the children, but I just hadn't answered their letters.

Compassion has this neat deal where you can send the kids e-mail using their on-line tool.  There are several different types of stationery you can choose and you can add up to 3 photographs.  Write your letter on line and send it off.

But the neat thing about the on-line tool is that you can then duplicate the letter for another child.  Obviously when I am answering a letter, I don't duplicate, but about once a month I write a generic letter to a child and then duplicate it for the next child, just changing the names.  It makes it possible for me to write frequently to all of the kids on my list...if I had to write 19 individual letters, I would never get them written and sent as often as I do now.

It's handy to have all these gadgets at my disposal too.  For two of the kids, I included a picture of myself holding their letter (a selfie taken with my phone, using the cable release so I don't have to actually press the button myself)

When I finished the letters, I took a long nap and was so deeply asleep I didn't hear Walt leave for his meeting and was just barely awake when Jeri called.  She always calls on the birthdays.  It was good to check in on the snow conditions in Boston.  They have been shoveling for days.

(Jeri says "take a block of ice and chip away everything that doesn't look like a car")
 And then, when Walt came home, we did go out for sushi, to Sushi Unlimited, where we went last year.

We ordered three different rolls to share and all were delicious.

But we have become the people we used to make fun of.

I love it that Walt loves his phone so much.  It makes me feel less guilty when I whip my own phone out at a restaurant.  And to think, it wasn't that long ago that I looked at people looking like us and scoffed that they were having a meal together, but both were on their cell phones.  Now I understand.


Harriet said...

Are you aware you've a computer glitch? I couldn't see your mother's pictures yesterday; I tried again today with no luck.

I also tried funnytheworld, but it won't open.

Bev Sykes said...

That's very odd. They all come up for me, both on my laptop and on my iPad and you are the only person who has mentioned that problem. In fact, there is a comment on yesterday's entry commenting on the photos. Maybe the glitch isn't mine.