Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice

Well, I didn't really think that lightning would strike twice, and it didn't.  My mother and I went to San Rafael today for another lunch with her friends from Hospice of Marin, this time to celebrate the birthday of Jeff, the only male in the group (also, the only one under 60!)  I was sorry I had not returned from Iowa soon enough to get her hair done.

She was very nervous about going, and kept asking me who was going to be there and once said she "hoped she would like them."

When her friends started arriving, she expressed surprise, saying she had no clue they were going to be there, but it was obvious she recognized them, but not in context because she asked what was going on at the bank and that since she didn't work there any more she didn't know what was going on.  They women were confused because the all worked together in the thrift store, not the bank.

My mother was quieter than last time, not really participating as much in conversation this time, but it was obvious she had a good time.  Perhaps partially because Paula slipped some vodka into some of the glasses.

We had a wonderful lunch.  Most of us chose the crab stuffed avocado with an orange citrus vinaigrette, which was delicious.

At the end of the meal, there was some sort of fruit crisp for Jeff's birthday, which we all shared.

There was no question about whether or not she had a good time, but she must have said 20 times on the way home that it seemed that it had been a very long day.  Along about the 15th repetition, I had to agree with her.  It may not have been the miracle of her "old self" coming back briefly, but she enjoyed herself and that was the most important thing.

In the evening Susan and Peter hosted a thank you holiday dinner for all the Logos volunteers, which was very nice.  They are such wonderful people to work for!

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