Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Headin' Home

Believe it or not, I did not take one single photograph with my camera today (and only a couple with my phone), so I'll have to spice this entry up with a few from last night that Laurel sent me.  First is Brianna sharing her "Little Passport" stuff with me.

I slept so well last night that I didn't wake up to do my journal entry until after 6:30.  Unheard of. 

But we had a very leisurely morning.  I think Olivia was still in night clothes when we left at noon (I might be mistaken about that).  Just having a good time eating leftovers and reminiscing about what a good time we had the night before.

I had to get dressed if we were going to leave, so I wore the new shirt that Ned gave me last night--with a picture of our old dog, Toby on it.  Walt has a matching shirt with a picture of our old dog Seymour on it.

Walt planned to leave at noon, but with all the Hour Baur-ing, it was after 1 before we left Alice Nan's and then had to stop at Tom's to pick up gifts for my mother.  Our time there was brief, but Brianna really surprised me by climbing up onto the back of the couch so she could give me a hug...this was when I arrived, not when we were leaving.  Very nice.  

There's just no way of getting around those 8 hours to get home.  We are listening to David Baldacci's "The Target," which I think is a bit ponderous for him, with too many plot lines going at once.  And it doesn't help when you doze off for a chapter or two while it continues to play!

Walt did all the driving, and we stopped at the place where we discovered Five Guys on our last trip.

It was as good as I remembered from last time.

We finally got home around 10:30, to hungry (but beautifully bathed and groomed) dogs and I did what I have wanted to do for several days now...watched the finale of White Collar (perfect ending) and will now take myself off to bed and make Sheila happy.

Like Father, Like Daughter

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