Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kyle's Kitchen

 We had a text message from Tom, suggesting that we meet at Kyle's Kitchen for dinner.  Kyle's Kitchen is a new burger place that just opened.  

The place opened on Tuesday, so we were part of the shake down cruise.  The philosophy around this place is so cool.  Kyle is a special needs student at Brianna's School (Mountain View Grammar School).  Brianna says he's in the 5th grade. He was the inspiration behind this new restaurant concept.  The menu says that Kyle's favorite foods are cheeseburgers and salads, but his real passion is meeting people.  He is there at the front door, handing out menus when you arrive.

The menu also explains that...

It's all set up for kids, with a whole wall a chalkboard and a cup of chalk there for the kids.

Kyle's siblings are there in the restaurant and other little kids were there when we got to our booth.  We had something like five little girls playing under our table!

The burgers, served on freshly baked brioche buns, have great names like Cheesy Pig, Makin' Blue Bacon, Ahi in my Body, etc.  Burgers start at $5 and if you are adding anything to the classic burger it's an extra $1 (my Cheesy Pig was $6).  

Kyle's Favorites are marked with a KF (his favorite burger is a Bacon and Egg burger).
We all decided to have dessert, mostly because Joe LOVES ice cream sandwiches.

Brianna got both a mint chocolate chip milk shake and a taste of Joe's ice cream sandwich.

We got home from dinner shortly after Norm and Olivia arrived and we were all in time to see the 49ers blow a huge lead against the Chargers.  I'm glad that hadn't happened until AFTER Tom and Laurel went home.  You don't want to be around Tom when the 9ers are losing.

Speaking of which, when the niners were ahead 35-21, Tom asked Bri what the chargers needed to win tie the game.  She thought a long time and finally said "14" and then when Tom kept looking at her, she finally said "Oh!  Two touchdowns."

Other kids have new math or common core or whatever you call it, Bri is learning her math via football.

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