Monday, December 3, 2012

Seeing Red

Today's photo prompt is "RED," and I was trying to decide how to handle that.  I was wearing a red sweatshirt at the time.  I was still thinking about the prompt when I picked up the red patterned blouse that I wore to the theater last night and hung it in the closet next to my red Santa sweatshirt.


How much red do I have in my closet anyway?

I spent some time rearranging things so that all the red things hung together (this does not count the red t-shirts in a dresser drawer or anything red that is in the closet upstairs).

redclothesm.jpg (150797 bytes)

Do you think I have enough red?

Red has always been my favorite color.  Many years ago, a group of us had our colors done.  I was the last to be "read" because I had been the "helper," holding a light so she could see everyone clearly, and the woman rushed through my own reading because she was short on time. I don't remember most of what she said, but I do remember that I was wearing an orangish-red that day and the first five minutes were telling me how terrible I looked and how I should NEVER wear that color and the woman making upset stomach sounds every time she looked at me.

That goes a long way toward boosting your self image!

But I have never again purchased something that isn't a blueish-red, so I guess it was effective.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that red was Judy Garland's favorite color too.  In fact, most of the scenes in A Star Is Born have red as the primary color...

Borninatrunk.jpg (45691 bytes)

...and, in fact, when extras were chosen for the opening crowd scene, they were asked to wear red clothes.

The only red I don't like is in food.  When I was learning cake decorating, I learned that those gorgeous red frosting roses that everyone likes taste terrible because the red food coloring used gets it color from iron which leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, so when offered the choice of something colored red or green to eat at Christmas time, I always choose the green.

There was good news from the hospital today.  Bob's daughter reports that he opened his eyes and recognized his family and tried to talk (but he's probably still intubated, so can't).  

This is such a huge step forward and such a hopeful sign. 

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Mary Z said...

Glad to hear some good news from your friend.