Saturday, December 22, 2012

How was YOUR Day?

Welcome back from the edge of oblivion.  It was nice to wake up this morning and, you know...wake up this morning.  The world outside looked as grey and wet as it looked when I went to sleep last night.

The car was still dead, though, so I had to cancel my appointment to give blood because I didn't want to walk to Bloodsource in the rain.

At 10 or so, things began to happen

Truck1.jpg (118645 bytes)
(dogs protecting us from the evil AAA tow truck)
Truck2.jpg (180237 bytes)
Truck3.jpg (171562 bytes)
Truck4.jpg (170128 bytes)
Truck5.jpg (174946 bytes)

Such a sad sight.

The Honda place drove Walt home, and then we sat around all morning waiting for the phone call from the car doctor.  In the meantime, my mother called to say that she woke up this morning with a fever and feeling awful and she thought we should cancel our Christmas celebration tomorrow.  We will probably have a Christmas celebration with her early next month when Jeri is here. (And another with Ned and Marta after that, since they can't get to my mother's mid-week...this may be the never-ending Christmas!)

The Honda place finally called and said that the starter had gone out and they would have to order a new one, but they felt that they could have the car repaired by late tomorrow morning.  All things considered, my mother's sickness may be a blessing in disguise.


Mary Z said...

How sad to see the car put on the tow truck! Guess that'll count as another "UnChristmas" present.

Kwizgiver said...

I hope your mom has a speedy recovery! And your car.