Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Short Post

"Airy Persiflage" is a mirror image to entries posted on my journal "Funny the World." Today's FTW entry mostly concerned testing a new guestbook, so I've eliminated that for this Blogger entry, since there is no problem with the Blogger guestbook.  Hence, what is left is a short entry!

I felt like I had kids back in school again, briefly, this morning.  Jeri spent the night here last night so Walt could take her to the train station at 6 a.m.   She's going to Santa Barbara to spend a few days there and then drive up to San Rafael with Tom et al. so we can all be here for my mother's 93rd birthday party later this week.  (My mother can finally meet Lacie, who will be a year old next month!)

She was getting up at 5, so I made sure I was up then to fix coffee (turns out she didn't have any...but she could have!).  But then I packed a lunch for her--sandwich, banana, carrots, and yogurt with a spoon.  Put it in a nice little sandwich bag and packed it with some flax seed vegetable chips that Walt had.  I haven't packed her lunch in about 20 years or more!  I thought I should have taken a picture of her with her bags in hand when she left for the train, just as I usually did on "first day of school"s.

When I looked at the Photo of the Day, I knew I had to play around with it for a bit.  I do love Photoshop!

SnooVul.jpg (61451 bytes)

Tonight was the final production of the 2012 Music Circus season, Crazy for You, an extensive rewrite of the 1930 classic, Girl Crazy (a stage vehicle for Ethel Merman, movie version for Judy Garland). What a fun production. Noah Racey, the guy playing the Mickey Rooney part, was amazing.  I love stuff like that!

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