Friday, August 17, 2012

A Day of Not Much

Walt left for work at the crack of dawn, driving with co-workers (you know...from that office from which he retired several years ago).  I decided to spend the day working on more photos for Flickr.

As you can see, I made great progress, adding four more stops along the river.  The Nuremberg folder alone has 70 photos in it.  And these are just the ones I thought were GOOD.  There are a lot that didn't get chosen to go to Flickr.

But it's a lengthy process what with choosing them, editing some of them (there are two in particular that I worked on a long time, one deleting a person who got in the way and the other ... well, let's just say that I put two photos together and I'll bet you can't figure out which photo it is!).  It brought back nice memories of the trip and a longing to get back on the ship for some more of those gourmet meals!

One thing I was able to do today that I wasn't able to do when posting journal entries on the ship was to add photos of the Wurtzburg Residenz, built in the early 1800s as the home of the "prince bishops" appointed by the pope, until the people rose up and, if I remember rightly, killed one of them.

The Residenz is breathtakingly gorgeous, perhaps my favorite of all the buildings we toured...but cameras were not allowed, so I had to make do with postcards, which I could scan for Flickr.  The grand entrance alone takes your breath away and you can hear the collective groans of visitors with cameras as they get their first glimpse.

entrancesm.jpg (78487 bytes)

The Gold room was spectacular...

goldrmsm.jpg (118579 bytes)

...but a bit too ornate for my tastes.  However, I absolutely loved this room.

whitermsm.jpg (71618 bytes)

(If I remember correctly the souvenir shop is behind the door on the right).  What I loved about this room was that it was so over the top, but everything was so equisite in detail.  If you look at the swirly things on the ceiling, the left and the right, that looks like they are maybe dirty because they are darker.  When you are there they look like swaths of patterned fabric draped decoratively behind the plaster.  But actually the fabric, too, is plaster.  There were so many just delightful touches in this room that I would love to have taken pictures of.   They need much more detailed postcards!

So anyway, other than taking a shower, getting dinner put in the crock pot, and taking some time to watch the season finale of Rizzolli and Isles, all I did today was work on photos.  But it was fun.  I'm really close to the end of the Flickr posting.  It will be nice to come to the end of the trip.   Again.


Mary Z said...

The ornate rooms are fabulous. We found we always LOVED the intricate parquet floors.

We watched R&I, too. I'm afraid they've "jumped the shark". We may not make a point of watching the next set of programs.

Harriet said...

I like the Rizzoli & Isles books much better than the television. I keep wishing for Dea...

Still, I watch the show because it led me to read Tess Gerritsen.

Harriet said...

Gah! That's supposed to be DeaN. This keyboard has a sticky N.