Monday, July 2, 2012

Earthquakes and Pizza

I had eight hours sleep last night.  I can't remember when that last happened. Walt and I lazed around the house until Tom called, around 9:30, after which we packed up and went to Tom & Laurel's.  We watched Tom and Bri having races:

Tom fixed lunch for us all and then we packed up and went to the Santa Barbara farmers market.

Several fruit stand were selling something called "donut peaches," which looked like...well...donuts made of peaches.  I had to buy a couple to taste.  They were delicious.

After we got back from the market, Walt got busy playing with Bri and her table train set.

I decided it must be a Romney train, since the dog seemed to ride on top!

As sometimes happens with 4 year olds, Brianna got too excited with all the play and she decided to be "cute" and tore the whole complicated train set up apart...she said there had been an earthquake (actually, I think I said it first).  Daddy was not too happy about the earthquake story and decided that it was time to pack up the train set for a week and turn the table back into a drawing table.  Needless to say, this did not go over too well with Ms. Bri.

Grandpa came to the rescue and, with the help of Bri...and the complicated plans for laying out the track, order was restored.

We figured everybody needed a time out, so we came home for a couple of hours to allow peace to be restored at Tom's and the girls to get some rest.  We returned in 2-1/2 hrs to join Bri and Tom in helping to make pizzas. I am killing myself for accidentally deleting the video of Tom showing Bri how to roll out and toss pizza dough...

I found software that for a mere $40 can restore it from the card, but it wasn't THAT great of a video...just cute.  But I did get this picture of Tom teaching Bri how to sprinkle cheese on the pizza instead of just tossing it in a handful.

When it was all cooked, Ms. Bri pronounced it delicious.

Lacie had her bath while we were eating our pizza and was happy to join us afterwards, though she did not get the pizza she thought she wanted.

After watching Tom, Laurel and Bri chase the rabbit Savannah around to get her in her cage for the night (they are fostering her for the moment...probably their last rabbit foster, to hear Tom tell it), we packed up our stuff and came home. 

A very good, fun day with the grandkids.

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Kwizgiver said...

Oh, my gosh, those babies are gorgeous!!!