Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Things about our wedding 46 years ago (as of Sunday)

1. I had my picture taken in my dress, with my bridesmaids, on a fire engine

2. Walt wore a white tuxedo jacket coat with a grease stain on it

3. The Newman Hall choir sang a Mozart Mass (complete with string quartet) for us as a gift

4. Walt’s deaf co-worker had never been to a Catholic service before. His only comment: “It certainly was long.”

5. My bridesmaids were my sister, my sister-in-law and two friends

6. We were married by our good friend, Tim Toohig, a brand new Jesuit priest. We were his very first wedding.

7. My “something old” was (faux) pearl earrings that had belonged to my grandmother

8. The reception was at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park (who knew then how important Brasil would be in our lives!)

9. Instead of plastic pillars to raise the tiers of the cake, they were raised up on inverted champagne glasses, with frosting roses under them.

10. A guy at the Physics Department made a foam champagne holder with dry ice that kept the champagne cold until we got to our first stop on our honeymoon

11. We have a movie of someone sneaking into the reception, from the picnic area below the Brazilian Room and stealing 2 glasses of champagne–and suddenly becoming aware that she was caught on video!

12. We left the reception in Walt’s 1953 Rambler convertible, which barely made it up the hill to where our real car was parked.

13. Phoebe caught the bouquet. It’s been 46 years and she still isn’t married.


phonelady said...

46 years ? you can pretty much say the ship has sailed on phobe getting married LOL !!! I love seeing the old wedding pictures and how warm these women must have been in those long dresses and yes now a days what you paid for your dress , would be minimal . i saw a wedding dress the other day for three thousand dollars !!! What ? 3,000.00 . Whoa !!! Im glad you guys are still married .

jon said...

Great pictures, Bev.
Who's the little guy with bow tie and the stained tux.

Bev Sykes said...

The ring bearer. :)

alphawoman said...

Wonderful pictures! Reminds me of the 1968 wedding I went to when my cousin got married! Congrats on the longevity of your union! I took my husband to a Palm Sunday mass (his first Catholic mass) and he leaned over to me and asked "Is there an intermission?" lol!