Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Disasters I remember

1. The Japan earthquake and tsunami
2. The Gulf Oil Spill
3. Haiti Earthquake
4. Hurricane Katrina
5. 1957 Daly City earthquake (5.3)
6. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
7. The oil spill in Valdez
8. George Bush*
9. The Alaskan earthquake
10. The Challenger explosion
11. The Loma Prieta Earthquake
12. The east coast blackout (followed 9 months later by the east coast baby boom)
13. 3 Mile Island

*if that isn't a "real disaster"--and I think it was--how about Chernoble?


Harriet said...

Interesting list. Re #12: my memory of it wasn't so disastrous.

jon said...

Most of those didn't last too long. #8 lasted 8 years.

I agree with Harriet, the blackout wasn't so bad. I lived in Connecticut at the time. I was a UI customer too.

The 1998 Ice storm was bad in upstate New York and Quebec. The Ice was so heavy that every telephone pole on one nine mile stretch of road collapsed. Trees collapsed....It looked like a war zone.

I drove to work day and got a big lump in my throat and my eyes watered up.
Huge mess!!!
Some towns did not have electricity for a month in the middle of January.