Monday, May 30, 2011

Musta Been the Jet Lag

I went off to spend a couple of hours with Brianna today...and didn't bring a camera. I can only assume the jet lag was still affecting my brain.

Neither Walt nor I comes from a military background (except for Walt's uncle, who served in WWII) so our Memorial Day activities are somewhat different than those who are honoring their family and friends who have served and perhaps lost their lives in this country's wars.

This does not mean that we honor their sacrifice any less, merely that there is no "Uncle Harry's grave" in any military cemetery to go decorate.

But in 1994, Paul's best friend Kag decided to have a "Paul Picnic," a day when we would just all get together, Paul's friends and their families, and have a good time together. The first one was actually held in April, but it has evolved to a Memorial Weekend picnic.

Tom called yesterday to let me know that he and the family were in Sacramento and to ask if we were going to be going to be driving down to Berkeley to the picnic, so I could spend a little time with Bri.

It was Bri who got me there. I was still feeling like a limp dishrag, but the time for fighting this jet lag has come and I needed to get out of the house and go DO something. I dragged myself to the car and we were about 10 minutes down the road when I remembered that I had not brought a camera. Walt asked if I wanted to go back and get it, but we were already later than I anticipated and I was afraid we might miss Tom altogether.

I didn't even have my cell phone to take pictures! But I finally demanded Walt's cell phone to take a picture of Ned watching Brianna eat ribs.

0530011337.jpg (61932 bytes)

Then I just started taking pictures...of the group at the lunch table...

0530011340.jpg (84783 bytes)

of Ned and Jen setting up the camera for a group photo...

0530011402.jpg (62795 bytes)

...and of little Charlie when he finally fell asleep on his mother's back.

0530011431.jpg (46075 bytes)

We left shortly after Tom and Laurel left. I'm still feeling like a limp dishrag and slept all the way home.

But it was a nice afternoon, and a nice Memorial Day tradition. Next time I'll remember my own camera!

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