Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Saga Continues

We are still without a phone.

Jason from AT&T came out this morning and was here for about half an hour, after which the land line worked just fine, and the DSL line worked just fine. The only problem was that we didn't have caller ID on the downstairs phone. He kind of played around with that a bit and said he'd have to come back when he could go through the wall connections (which meant we'd have to do major furniture moving).

About 10 seconds after he left, the phone rang. I thought it was Walt calling to test the line. I picked it up and it was this guy I try to dodge every year. He always greets me like a long lost friend, cheery in the used car salesman sort of way. He is selling tickets for kids to go to a ball game (baseball? football? I don't remember). I never buy from him because he just sounds so sleazy. And so I try to avoid him. I told him AT&T was working on the line and that I couldn't talk and hung up on him.

And then the line died. My bad Karma, I guess. As we watched Jason and his truck vanish into the distance, we were once again without a DSL line.

It turns out that we have a choice. We can either have the internet or a land line, but if we try to put both on one line with a splitter, one cancels out the other. The only number we can get to work is the DSL line...and nobody knows that number. Heck, even *I* don't know that number and we've had it for about 10 years.

Walt called AT&T immediately and they said they would try to reach Jason (who, apparently, was not answering his cell phone). They said if they couldn't get him back here, they would put in an additional work order to have someone else come out. Presumably some time before the end of the year. In the meantime, I have internet and if anybody desperately needs to reach us, it will have to be either by e-mail or by our cell phones.

After Jason left, I let the puppies outside again. Where yesterday they had been very cautious about being out in the Big Wide World, today they are getting more bold. At first they huddled together near the house, but when I moved them out to the grass, a long way from the house, they began moving more and soon, chasing each other, and us, around the yard. So cute.

Of course, I made a big mistake when it was time to bring them back in. I scooped up Laverne with one hand and then went to take Max with the other, but Max is such a big floppy horse that I nearly dropped him. Note to self: Two hands needed to pick Max u in the future!

We now have a dinnertime routine with the puppies. The minute they see me move, all three are wide awake and racing out of the cage. Max waddles over to the water bowl to drink and Laverne flops over on her back to suck on his penis. I swear these are the most oral puppies ever. Then Patty starts trying to climb up the fence because she wants a bottle. I fix their kibble and put it in the cage and all three attack it. They used to leave lots for Shiloh to clean up, but now they eat every single morcel. And as soon as they finish, Patty is back at the fence again, crying, loudly, for a bottle.

I give it to her.

PattyBottle2.jpg (107459 bytes)

She's this big horse, but she needs to suck. So, apparently, does Laverne, but she has found her own thing to suck on. I am gradually weakening what Patty gets in the bottle, so it is getting to be slightly formula flavored water now. I'm going to try getting pacifiers for both Patty and Laverne and see if I can get them interested in those, but I'm not hopeful. They both love their oral fixations so much!

Here's a good question: which will happen first...will the puppies wean or will AT&T get our phone problems fixed?

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