Monday, December 3, 2007

I've been Tagged! do this meme on the part of Lizzie & Sheila:

Lizzie & Sheila's top 7 annoyances:

*Lizzie is annoyed by puppies who monopolize Mom's lap.
*Lizzie is annoyed by that darn machine Mom keeps sitting at.
*Lizzie is annoyed by the dog in the house behind us.
*Sheila is annoyed when Lizzie steals her spot under Mom's feet.
*Sheila is annoyed by any four footed creature approaching her food.
*Sheila and Lizzie are both annoyed by mailmen
*Sheila and Lizzie are both annoyed by dogs passing in front of the house.

Blogs tagged:

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1 comment:

panthergirl said...

Hey, thanks for the tag. Can't promise that I'll post the meme though.... it's a bit of a crazy time!

Maybe on the weekend!