Monday, December 10, 2007

2 Puppies, 2 Adventures

If you want to be the center of attention, travel with a puppy.

Today we were going to the 40th birthday party of Michele's son, Eric. It's not the happiest of birthdays for him, since his mother died last month, but his wife planned a surprise party at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland.

I knew we would take Half Pint with us. I was trying to decide if we should put Daisy in the playpen or just leave her out in the house. She has gotten so big and gets along so well with the other dogs, I decided to leave her out. When we were ready to leave, she was curled up on Walt's chair looking very comfy. We packed puppy food, Walt held Half Pint in his lap, and off we went to the Bay Area again.

We got to the center at 1, as requested. Eric's wife had posted a big sign made out of Lego blocks, since Eric has been a life-long fan of Lego.

In due time, Eric arrived and looked like the Pied Piper. He is a teacher and obviously well loved by kids.

All of the kids loved Half Pint, especially the little girls.

She got passed around from child to child, then I told them it was time to give her a rest and let her sleep in my lap until she woke up, then I took her outside to walk around until she peed, and then back in for another round of "pet the puppy."

I mixed up some puppy food for her and watching her eat was a very popular activity

She finished eating about time for Eric to blow out his candles, with the help of his nieces and nephews.

We left the Science Center around 3:30 and headed home. As we were coming into the driveway, I could hear Daisy barking and wondered how she had weathered her first time all alone in the house, and not in the playpen.

When we entered the house, she didn't run to greet us with the other dogs. I looked down the hall to the family room and she was still on the recliner!!!! We had been gone about six hours and she had been afraid to jump off the chair (she'd done it before, so it never even occurred to me that she wouldn't eventually get off the chair).

You never saw a dog so happy to see people. I took her outside and she peed forever then just couldn't stop licking my face.

I guess that with teeny Half Pint around, I got to thinking that Daisy was a "bigger" puppy than she really is.

So both puppies had adventures today, but I suspect Half Pint enjoyed hers a lot more than Daisy did!


Char's granddaughter, Haley, was Half Pint's biggest fan.

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