Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunday Stealing

I love it when things work out.  I found a great picture of the Wicked Queen from Snow White in the Post Office's Philately catalogue and thought it would be a fun page for the Randomness Journal.  But what to put on the opposite page (I like to make them match, when possible).  I decided to go looking for some sort of recipe that took apples and in going through old Food Network Magazines, the very first apple recipe I came to was for poison apple punch.  Perfect!

I don't see punch much these days, at least not alcoholic.  Seems like we drank a lot of it in our college and young married years.

Of course the king of punches was our friend Dick's rum punch.  The first time he made it for the "Newman Innmates" (the guys who shared a house rented from the Newman Club, before it was torn down to build a fancy new church), it was an instant hit and whenever Dick was coming to a party, we asked him to make rum punch.

I don't know exactly how he made it but it was simple syrup, rum, limes and maybe something else.  The key was the rum, though.  He always bought Mr. Fernandez, which you could only by in Trinidad, where he often visited his relatives.  Maybe you still can only find Mr. Fernandez in Trinidad.  

I remember the New Years Eve where Dick spent the evening seated in the kitchen, surrounded by squeezed limes making batch after batch of rum punch.  We loved it, but I don't think he did, after awhile.

I had some good hangovers after a night of Dick's rum punch.  Now whenever we visit him and his wife, he always makes rum punch, but we only have one glass.

However, for hangovers, you couldn't beat Char's recipe for a Velvet Hammer, which is very appropriately named (recipe courtesy of Trifles from Tiny Tots)

1 bottle of champagne
1 bottle of soda
1 bottle of Sauterne
1/2 pint of vodka
1 oz orange curçao

Believe me, you were aware of the liquor, but I think the primary flavor was the orange curaçao, so you weren't aware that it was as loaded as it was.

Oh the days of my misspent youth!

I don't drink any more, or rarely drink (I still can't pass up one of Dick's rum punches)

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