Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Turn it up / Turn it down

I know I have hearing problems and am procrastinating getting hearing aids.  (Walt picked up some information for me at Costco, but I haven't been able to read through it yet).

But the TV drives me nuts, hearing problems or not.

For one thing, you finally get the sound level right and then a commercial comes on at what is at least half again the volume, so you have to turn it down and then back up with the TV program comes back on again.

So then you go to Netflix and go to watch something like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black and the volume is so low that whereas you have the volume set at, say, 25, for TV shows, you have to raise it to 70 or sometimes as high as 90 in order to hear the Netflix video.  Then, God help you if you forget to turn the volume back down again before you turn back to the regular TV channels.

But then there are things I don't understand.  When I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep, Morning Joe is a great thing to put on, at a low volume.  Unless #45 is going batshit crazy again, it usually puts me to sleep.  But if there has been a volley of tweets and lots to discuss, the show keeps me awake, but I have the volume set at 12 or lower and have absolutely no problem whatever in hearing the show.  When the sun comes up even if there is no other sound in the house, I have to turn the sound up to 25 in order to hear what I had been able to hear a couple of hours before when it was quiet.

 (These are the first world problems that irritate us!)

I am missing more and more of the dialog in shows that I review and I know that hearing aids will have to be a major purchase this year.  I am afraid of some things about them -- mostly that I will lose them. or break them.

How do you handle hearing aids with earphones?  I have essentially worthless speakers for my computer, but I just listen to everything with ear phones.  If I have hearing aids will I have to also get new speakers for the phone, and give up listening to audio books on the bus?

I didn't need to worry about volume level watching whatever that mess was that was supposed to be an interrogation of Sessions.  Never saw so much stonewalling and avoiding questions in my life.  And why?  Because he didn't want to reveal a conversation with the president in case one day the president might want to evoke executive privilege.

And didja see that now it's all back in Hillary's lap?  Whenever the heat turns up on the misdeeds in the administration, sure as shooting they will answer with some variation of "yeah--but what about Hillary!"

I loved Kamala Harris, who, as a former prosecuting attorney knows how to question a witness.  She was interrupted twice by the chairman for improper questioning.  
This whole thing just makes me sick.

And I do hope you managed to catch the love-in at the first cabinet meeting.  Here is Jack Ohman's cartoon: Reflections on Donald Trump's cabinet...

How soon before we're all going to be required to refer to him as "our beloved Leader" ??

I'm glad that I am now forcing myself to turn off the TV and sit and READ.  Somehow walking through the forests of Narnia is much more pleasant...witch or no witch.

Send Aslan to Congress....

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Mary Z said...

Re hearing aids - one of the gals here has just gotten them. They are put in, and not removed for two months. Then back to the audiologist for replacements. I guess that's sort of like the contact lenses that are left in for x-amount of time, and then discarded. The only thing I've noticed is that now she talks so softly and I cannot hear her. I think she's hearing herself talk for the first time in ages and wants to be sure she's not shouting. (She's 95, so I don't want to confuse her by asking. LOL) I never thought about using headphones, though. I guess you'll find all that out when you go for an exam and to talk to them about it.