Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Stealing

1. If "happiness" was the global currency, what kind of work would make you a gazillionaire
I was so very happy when we fostered orphan puppies, until the local animal shelter started giving them to breed specific rescue groups.  There is nothing that makes me feel happier than a newly fed 1-3 week old puppy giving happy puppy grunts as he/she snuggles onto my chest.  I felt I had the best of all possible worlds because I got them when they were tiny and when they started becoming obstreperous, at 2 or 3 mos. of age or so, they moved to a different home.  I could feed newborns every day and watch them start to "wake up" and explore the new world around them, and be a very happy person.  (Of course I did it as a volunteer, so it might not make me a gazillionaire!)

2. Would you break the law to save someone you loved?  And, if so, how far would you be willing to take it?
Yes I would.  I don't know how far I'd go until faced with a specific situation.  I'd like to think I'd fall short of killing someone, but if it was a question of my loved one or the other, I might find the courage to save the loved one.
3. Is it possible to really know the truth without questioning it first?
These days it behooves us to question everything since "truth" has become such an elusive thing.  It used to be we took things at face value, but our president and his minions have taught us that truth is unimportant.  That has been a very sad realization.
4. Do you remember that one time . . . oh, about 5 years ago or so . . . when you were really, really upset?  Does it really matter now? If not now, then when?
Five years ago?  Hmmm.  It helps to have a database.  April 2012 seems to have been a good time, as was March 2012, but I did write an entry about an article someone posted on Facebook about the movie The Hunger Games.  Apparently there was a lot of comment about casting of the movie and why Black actors were cast in specific roles.
"I was pumped about The Hunger Games until I learned that a black girl was playing Rue."
In the long list of comments the n-word was used more than once.  The entry I wrote was entitled "I Don't Recognize My Country" and it was about my history with African-Americans, being a child of the 50s where going to school with four black girls was a real first for me, since there had been no African-Americans in my grammar school.
"The idea of prejudice never even entered my head until my sister was going to go to the movies with a black friend.  My father paid the young man a visit at his place of employment and told him he was not allowed to take his daughter out and that he felt that people should date only within their own race."
It was the first time I ever realized that my father, who preached acceptance, was really filled with prejudice.  Anyway, yes, it mattered then and it still matters today.
5. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?
It depends on the situation.  All you have to do is follow the nightly news to realize that nothing is what it seems and that evil seems to abound....but does it really?
6. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
Well, I can definitely think of a thing or two, but people would judge me, so I won't print them here.
7. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?
It would be almost impossible to have less work to do, since I am very good at avoiding work.

8. Would you rather be an anxious genius, or a tranquil fool?
This is a period where I am working on tranquility, so I'll go with the tranquil fool...besides, it's kind of fun to be considered a fool.

9. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
How about neither?  I don't worry about things I do.  I do them, and if they are the "right thing," good, but if they are the wrong thing done right, that's good too.  Confusing question, confusing answer.
10. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
For so many years, when I asked myself this question, the answer I came up with was 35, which seems to be the age at which many of us are stuck mentally.  Lately, however, when I think about how old I feel it's closer to 50....still quite a bit younger than my actual age (74), but older than 35.  Must be because of all the losses in the last 20 years that weigh me down, as well as the responsibility of my mother which all make me feel older.


Kwizgiver said...

I am frequently mistaken for around 35 years of age, even though I'm over 50.

Aja said...

I always think of myself as younger. I believe it's because it's because I interact with younger people more than people my age.

Aja said...

LOL my dyslexia sometimes interferes with my writing as you can see from my previous post. I repeat words or omit them completely. My friends never seem to notice when they read my messages, or they are polite.