Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines of Yore

I think now that if kids bring Valentine cards to school, they have to bring a card for everyone.  We didn't.  We only gave cards to the people we liked.  we had paper bags attached to our desks and people would drop our cards in the bag.  The popular kids went home with full bags.  Kids like me were happy we had a few cards to take home.  I was the Charlie Brown of Valentine's Day.
valentineCB.jpg (60102 bytes)

Nowadays, you go to the store to buy boxes of cards for your kids to give on Valentine's Day and you get super heroes, cartoon characters, vampires.  All perfect examples of love on the day, of course.  But were cards better when I was young?   I found some examples of 20th century Valentine cards, probably most before my time, but they certainly seemed familiar, some of them.
falseteeth.jpg (45711 bytes)
Nothing quite  expresses the love and affection someone feels for you like a pair of false teeth!
This is probably the kind of card that Waye LaPierre would send to his sweetie.
valentinegun.jpg (59065 bytes)
valentinefire.jpg (76289 bytes)
Once you've caught your prey, you obviously have to boil her and eat her!...
...or maybe just part of her.
valentineheart.jpg (42782 bytes)
valentinenail.jpg (59504 bytes)
This is the "Fifty Shades of Grey" part ... woo your beloved by plopping him/her down on a big ol' nail!
...and then cuff him/her so they can't get away.
valentinecuffs.jpg (62681 bytes)
valentinescrew.jpg (58944 bytes)
This may be my favorite, though.  There are so many suggestive double entendres in this one it's hard to believe it would pass the grammar school censors!   

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Banker Chick said...

I can remember giving valentines to everyone in the class, but sometimes if I didn't like someone I wouldn't give one or give one like the tack.