Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being 70

What does the new septuagenarian do on the first day of the rest of her life?  Apparently sleep.  You'd think I'd run a marathon yesterday.  I napped in the morning, then we went out to breakfast, then I came home and took a 2 hr nap, then I fell asleep watching TV around 6 p.m. and now, at 9:30p.m., I would be in bed if I didn't want to write this first because I feel so sleepy.  I also feel "pre-sick," like I should be developing a fever, which I don't have.  It's a weird day!

But it began with checking in with my mother to see how she was feeling.  She sounded like death warmed over.  Said she just didn't feel well at all, had zero interest in a report on the party (which she had told me to be sure and call and tell her about) and didn't offer any argument at all when I suggested that I take her to see the doctor on Wednesday.
She sounded so bad that I called the Kaiser advice nurse to see if she thought I should bring her in today, but they are on holiday schedule and she thought that Wednesday would be good.

This evening I got a text message from Jeri, with this attached photo...

70MomPix.jpg (61888 bytes)

which she said my "sick" mother had taken.  She was obviously in her "hostess mode" and been enjoying herself and her guests so much she actually touched a piece of modern technology and learned how to take a picture with Jeri's cell phone.  Shortly after, I heard from her step-son who had been to see her in the afternoon and said she seemed just fine and didn't mention feeling bad at all.

Lord, she's frustrating!

Anyway, after the business with my mother, Walt and I went to IHOP to meet Jeri, Phil, Phil's mother and sister and his sister's two kids.

IHOP.jpg (81652 bytes)

We had such a fun breakfast, rehashing the party yesterday and just general chit chat.  Jeri and Phil had flown in on Saturday and Jeri is leaving on Tuesday (Phil is staying with Ned until Thursday).  A quick trip, but it's been so much fun having them as part of the birthday celebration.

When we got home, I had a good time using the gift certificate Walt's brother and sister in law gave me, to Amazon, buying some books I had wanted to get, but had put off because of the cost.  What fun to have all that money to spend on books! 

But I eventually got sleepy again and sat in the recliner with an NCIS marathon and was asleep almost immediately.  I slept two hours.

Shortly after I woke up, Jeri and Phil stopped by to say goodbye.   Phil was heading to Ned's, and Jeri was going back to my mother's, to have dinner with Walt's brother and sister.  We had a short visit and waved them on their way.

I did a little more Amazon browsing, then turned on the Rachel Maddow documentary, Hubris about the Iraq war, but slept through most of it.   (Fortunately, I recorded it).
We had left over sausage for dinner, what the restaurant had packed up for us at the end of the party.  Walt looked at his plate and said it was a bad dinner for someone who had just finished picking up dog poop in the back yard.

After dinner, I watched the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, which I had not yet seen, came in here to write this journal entry and am falling asleep, so I'm going to end and go to my couch and see if I can sleep all night, hopefully waking up with the "pre-sick" feeling gone and a bit more energy for the new day.


Harriet said...

It's the mindreading again. I wonder whether your mother goes into "hostess mode" with her stepson. You are different, she doesn't have to put on an act for you, because your status is different from his.

Mary Z said...

Good observation, Harriet. John's dad once told me what a good driver I was. John complained that Dad had never said that to him. I said it was because I was female and not Dad's child, so he felt he needed to say something nice. Oh, well.....

I watched "Hubris". SO scary. I recorded it, too, since John was watching basketball and he wanted to see it. Several years ago Frontline did a 2-part show on Cheney. He is just plain evil.