Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Ruse

Well, this is going to be posted very early because I have to have it up before noon, when I usually post around 6 p.m.  It's all because of the ruse.

Jeri is at my mother's and texted me that my mother wanted to know if I wanted to come down and "hang out with them" today.  Well, I'm supposed to take her to the doctor tomorrow and I didn't want to drive down there two days in a row.  Also, I'm having lunch with a friend today.  It's already been rescheduled once and I didn't want to reschedule again,  so I said no. 

Then I got another text where Jeri said that my mother's idea had been that I would spend the night.  Oh sounded like she was really lonely, but I really didn't want to go and spend the night.  While I was trying to explain that in text, the phone rang and it was my mother, asking me to come down and spend the night.

I was hemming and hawing when she handed the phone to Jeri, who said "see, we thought if you could come down Grandma and I could have our gin and tonics and you'd be the designated driver to take me to the bus stop at night so I can get to the airport."  Or words to that effect.

It became very clear.  Jeri was worried about my mother driving her into downtown late at night and if I came down, there would be a good excuse for her not to, since my mother won't hear of Jeri taking a bus or cab to the transit bus station.   I understood completely.  So I'm going to San Rafael so we can avoid my mother having to drive late at night.

In the meantime, since I have no real "content" for this entry, here are the 3 generation pictures from the party on Saturday.  We started out at Newman Center with five couples and this is what we have created

70PinGrp.jpg (126644 bytes)
The whole Pinata Group there.

70Gen1.jpg (135464 bytes)
The First Generation
(2 have died, one left the group when they divorced, one wasn't able to come)

70Gen2.jpg (156576 bytes)
The Second Generation + spouses (many missing)
(I love that on the TV monitor in back is the pumpkin pie movie)

70Gen3.jpg (125086 bytes)
The Third Generation (several missing)

Can you tell how much I love all these guys.

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