Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Things I want which I will probably never get

For the house
1. Shelves in the family room so I can display photos (I’ve been asking for 10 years)
2. A permanently installed gate in the hall to keep the dogs from rushing people coming to visit.
3. An iron mesh gate at the front door, so I can talk to people without having to worry about the dogs running outside
4. Pergo in the living room (I’ve been waiting 3 years)
5. WiFi
6. Repair of the glass in the glass cabinet that David broke when he was in grammar school
7. Repair of the wall that Tom tore out in his sleep in junior high
8. A stainless steel sink that I can bathe dogs in
9. New furniture for the living room

In general
10. A cruise up the inland passage to Alaska
11. Train trip across the Canadian Rockies (been waiting 45 years)
12. A drive across the U.S. (Probably not possible while we have dogs)
13. A drain pipe outside the kitchen window so I can plant things there (I’ve been waiting 35 years)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're not leaving me much hope for some of the repairs I'd like done around our place, nor the trips I've been wanting to take for 25+ years...