Monday, August 30, 2010

Late Night Emmys Again

I was already sorry before the opening number ended, but I was really sorry when Kyra Sedgwick got up to accept her best lead actress award, that I hadn't gotten out the laptop and blogged the Emmys, as I have done in some previous years.

But it was 10 p.m., I was under Polly, and just too lazy to get up to do it.

It would have been easy. I was watching a recording of the show anyway. I was so into it that I sat up until midnight, when the last award had been given out, before I would let myself turn on the computer. I didn't want any accidental spoilers.

Actually, Kyra Sedgwick's win was sort of an unintentional accidental spoiler. I was fast forwarding through the commercials and went too far, stopping as she was getting up to go to the stage, but I did back up and see the whole thing as it happened.

God, I'm such a TV geek.

So I don't have a long blogging retrospective of the show, but I will mention a few stand out moments for me. First, the opening was brilliant. I suggest to people who like television, if you didn't see the show, try to find a video of it on YouTube. I can't imagine it's NOT going to be posted. Oh...I was right. Here it is right here. And when I checked it (midnight) it had already had >300 views.

Next, I was thrilled beyond belief at Jane Lynch's win for supporting actress in a comedy. I have been a fan of Jane Lynch since before anybody had ever heard of her. I've enjoyed watching her get bigger and bigger roles and tonight's win was well deserved. I loved it that she mentioned her wife and their daughter. Yay, California! (at least when they had that window to marry).

Great to hear that at the "other" nighttime Emmy award show, Betty White won an award for her hosting of Saturday Night Live. I swear that lady is more popular now than she was during The Golden Girls years! I love it. (Also loved that Neil Patrick Harris won for his guest spot on guest appearances of the lot IMO)

I noticed that about 3 actresses in a row, either winners or presenters, were wearing black dresses with one shoulder strap. I was beginning to wonder if there was a dress code and that all actresses were supposed to wear black.

I really kinda miss the good old days when you could trash what people wore. Now they all look glamorous. The only dress I had a quarrel with was on January Jones, who looked like she either couldn't decide if she wanted to wear something long or something short--or that she had been attacked by a scissors-wielding terrorist on her way into the show. Didn't have a bit of the style of Betty, Don Draper's now ex-wife.

Oh yes and there was the director or writer or something that almost had a wardrobe malfunction. I was more drawn to the precariously perched bodice than to what she was saying. All I can say is that dress must have had incredible architecture to keep it up, 'cause you just knew those golden globes were about to pop out at any moment.

But then Kyra Sedgwick won for best actress in a drama series. Each year that The Closer has been on, I've been sure she was going to take home the Emmy, and disappointed that she never did. Her win tonight brought a temporary end to the parade of black, as she wore a subdued, but purple colored dress.

And even tho I wasn't a fan of Conan O'Brien and adore Jon Stewart, I'm kind of sorry that The Daily Show got the award and not O'Brien for late night talk shows. O'Brien deserved something for what he went through with the Tonight Show. But I suppose the prolonged ovation when his name was called was nice recognition (that and the apparent snubbing of Jay Leno).

For most of the rest of the awards, I was kind of neutral. I watch so many of those shows and like so many of the shows and the actors that I would have been happy with any of them winning. I'm sorry I have never watched Breaking Bad and don't even know what it's about. But I was very happy with all the attention given to Modern Family. It was a toss-up for me whether I wanted that show or Glee to get best comedy. I think Glee won it last year, so I'm happy for Modern Family's win this year.

It was also nice that Top Chef took best reality show. I love Amazing Race and have been happy to see it win year after year, but it was good to see some other show taking the prize this year.

Cooking shows are becoming so popular these days that I wonder how long it's going to take the academy to add an award for best cooking show.

The lyrics to Jewel's song about her friend who died of cancer made a nice background for the yearly "who died this year" bit, but I hated her rendition of it.

But all in all, this was a good program, I thought, as such things go. There are always good and bad moments, but I enjoyed it and was happy for (most of) the winners.

As for why I was watching the awards on DVR instead of live, we went to Ned & Marta's for dinner. It was Jeri and Phil's last night here. We thought of doing our traditional "family movie night" but everyone was still tired from yesterday, so we just all kind of lazed around our respective houses all day (I watched the last 3 episodes of Persons Unknown so I could see the season finale before I read about it somewhere) and then Walt and I went over to Ned & Marta's to visit a bit, order some food from a take-out place, and have dinner.

Then we drove Jeri and Phil to the airport to catch their 10:45 flight back to Boston.

Tomorrow life gets back to normal, sort of, though my schedule for the week is going to be a little skewed too.

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