Monday, March 22, 2010

Where's The Band?

In the endless....e.n.d.l.e.s.s....discussion of the health care bill today, one thing was missing: it needed a soundtrack. Maybe something from 1776. I could have done with a couple of verses of "Sit Down, John" as each represenative tried to go on record opposing or supporting what everyone already admitted was a done deal.

As Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson said, everyone seemed to be gripped by a sense of history as the House stood on the edge of passing what may be the biggest bill since Civil Rights or Medicare.

I yearned for John Williams and some sweeping Star Trek kind of background music. How do we know what is serious and what is frivolous without a soundtrack?

As the hours crept on apace, I began to realize I was going to have to make a decision--watch the historic vote on Health Care or the premiere of the first episode of the Discovery Channel's magnificent Life.

In honor of Bart Stupak, I decided to choose Life and switched back and forth between watching lizards and amphibians stalking and devouring their prey and watching congresspersons doing the same thing on the floor of the House of Representatives.

For what it's worth, Life had a musical soundtrack. Definitely an improvement.

After the tragic death of the puppies, I'm extra leery about the other dogs.

Ashley went to see the mother of the pups and found that she was still having a nasty discharge. She also learned that she had given birth to a couple of pups before she was taken to the animal shelter, so they think the puppies may have been premature and probably would not have lived even if Mom had taken care of them. It's still sad.

But tonight I'm concerned about Polly. I can't figure out what's with her and I hope it's nothing.

Sometime around 8 she got in my lap and was just acting weird, like she couldn't get comfortable. She would turn in circles, then lick her lips, then get down again. She started trying to make a bed in the dog bed (by trying to dig in it--Lizzie does that all the time, but I've never seen Polly do it). Then she got up on Walt's recliner, which she never does if I'm sitting down.

Then she started growling and I couldn't figure what she was growling at, but I glanced out on the patio and Lizzie was standing there, with her head inside the door, but seeming to be afraid to come in. She finally left the back door and kind of slunk in the dog door (which opens into my office).

Polly got down out Walt's recliner and started making a bed in the dog crate, digging in the bedding there. I called to her, but she wouldn't come out. Lizzie came into the family room, and started to get into the recliner, where she frequently sleeps while I'm watching TV, and Polly growled and barked at her. She has never done that before.

Next thing I knew, Lizzie was lying on the floor by the kitchen table (which she has never done before!) and Polly would not come out of the cage when I called her.

I went to the bathroom and Lizzie followed me inside, sitting at my feet. She has never done that either. When I left the bathroom, Lizzie went into the living room, where she is sleeping (which she frequently does at night if she doesn't sleep in the recliner).

All is quiet as I write this and I'm hoping that by the time I turn off the lights and go to sleep, Polly will be back to normal again.

But given what just happened with the puppies, naturally I'm expecting the worst.

Cue an ominous piece of music...

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harrietv said...

They all got up to talk, yada, yada, yada. Didn't hear any one of them offer to give up his congressional health coverage because it's not necessary!