Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Thoughts about Christmas

1. I miss the sound of little kids waking up to sneak in to check out the Christmas tree.
2. I miss having any of our kids around at Christmas at all.
3. I loved the Egg Nog galas
4. Christmas isn't Christmas until Bing Crosby has sung "White Christmas"
5. Why don't more people send e-Christmas letters?
6. Having an excuse to buy gifts is terrific
7. I feel guilty that there is so little "Religion" in my Christmas thoughts
8. I do love looking at all the houses decorated in lights
9. Another excuse to make pumpkin pie
10. I loved those years when we squeezed 24 people into our tiny family room and shared Christmas with so many people from around the world.
11. There is nothing quite like Christmas carols played on a kazoo (fortunately)
12. I don't like putting up a tree for just Walt and me
13. I like decorating; I hate un-decorating

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