Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Ten Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my angel gave to me a lovely party at the home of my boss, the collector of Peanuts Memorabilia.

SnoopyHouse.jpg (24286 bytes)
Snoopy's house

On the second day of Christmas, my angel gave to me a low key gathering with my cousin, her husband, and other relatives. We missed Kathy, but we enjoyed tasty foods, and the most important gift--the gift of family.

KarenBrandon.jpg (38765 bytes)
Kathy's daughter Karen and her son Brandon

On the third day of Christmas my angel gave to me a lovely afternoon with my mother, a delicious roast beef dinner, the funny antics of a puppy, and the start of a great visit with Jeri.

DexMom.jpg (42804 bytes)

On the fourth day of Christmas my angel gave me to me 8 hours in the car with Walt, Jeri and Dexter, lunch at the Burger Queen and part 1 of an old Michael Connelly audio book.

JeriDexCar2.jpg (35743 bytes)

On the fifth day of Christmas my angel gave to me an evening with the Sykes family, with Tom, Laurel and Brianna, a honey-baked ham, lots of laughs, a few gifts, and a chance to hear Jeri play the violin.

BriBigBox.jpg (49755 bytes)

On the sixth day of Christmas my angel gave to me a low key, laid back Christmas with Grandma Sykes, dinner at the assisted living facility, and lots of laughs around gifts in Grandma's apartment.

gmapkg.jpg (45467 bytes)

On the seventh day of Christmas my angel gave to me a chance to spend another evening with Bri and her parents.

BriKiss.jpg (41201 bytes)

On the eighth day of Christmas, my angel gave to me a bonus hour with Brianna, watching her play with her new toys before we headed north.

Brichalk.jpg (37609 bytes)

On the ninth day of Christmas, my angel gave to me a beautiful day of solitude. I didn't get dressed, didn't do anything but sit and catch up on things that had been recorded on the DVR while we were gone.

On the tenth day of Christmas my angel sent to me a package from Australia, with fun things like the tissues pictured below (she finally admits it's all about me for a change!) and the calendar she's made to raise money for the Kangaroo Rescue for which she works. It was Christmas all over again.

buymestuff.jpg (39132 bytes)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Christmas was finally over and I will be headed back to work, reviewing Xanadu.


Hampers said...

Nice Blog. Glad to see that you had a great time on Christmas. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

danseusesabine said...

Sounds like a good Christmas to me. =) Love the tissue!