Friday, November 27, 2009

Things You'll Never See in Davis

Wandering around New York over the weekend, I saw a few things that you'll never see in Davis. Some I took pictures of, and some I wasn't able to get. For one thing, while the country as a whole will "never forget" the tragedy of 9/11, in New York, "remembering" is almost militant, in a sadly touching sort of way. American flags sprout up in the most unexpected places, like the windows of buses or the backs of garbage trucks.

NYflag.jpg (39476 bytes)

Fire trucks sport memorials to members of their particular firehouse who were killed on 9/11.

As I said in a previous entry, everything in New York seems to be the biggest, the best, the most popular. But I sometimes am suspicious of the claims. For example, is this really New York's most popular BBQ restaurant?

NYBBQ.jpg (37705 bytes)

Purses are very big in New York. I can't believe that selling rip offs of designer bags can support so many hundreds of vendors.

NYbags.jpg (55687 bytes)

Of course I wouldn't mind a few street vendors selling hot dogs, hot pretzels or hot chestnuts on the streets of Davis, but it's not likely to happen. (Come to think of it you don't see any taxi cabs either!)

NYVendor.jpg (53023 bytes)

I've never seen this sign in Davis.

NYeyebrows.jpg (49961 bytes)

(What the heck is "eyebrow threading"? I'm sure someone will let me know.)

They don't feel the need to warn us about these things in Davis.

NYGunSign.jpg (71658 bytes)

I know I've never seen these guys in Davis!

NYLiveStatueFlag.jpg (55348 bytes)

I saw this guy (?girl) play-choking small children with the flag. That would be enough to give me nightmares for many years to come--and strike fear and terror in my heart at the sight of the Statue of Liberty for life!

But this has to be my favorite "you'll never see this in Davis" picture. Found on the side of a multi-story building across from our bus stop.

NYBedBugs.jpg (69718 bytes)

'nuff said!


Mary Z said...

Be sure to let us know when you find out about eyebrow threading.

Re the bedbugs: A friend here just returned from a visit to a friend in NYC. He was "attacked" by bedbugs at her house, and had to wash and dryer-heat-air everything he had with him to be sure he didn't bring any back into his house. Can't wait to show this to him. LOL

MaryO said...

Next time you come, give a yell! Eyebrow threading is to pull out unwanted hairs with a waxed thread. I have no experience--but OWOWOWOW.

Bev Sykes said...

Someone left this comment on Funny the World: "Threading in general started in the Middle East. I have had it done -- they use a cotton thread that looks like dental floss and is twisted tightly over the hairs on your face. Sometimes they place one end in their mouth and use the other hand to guide or they use both hands. Either way, they skim the face with the string and it strangely pulls the hairs out. Its painless, fast, precise and practioners say it's really good for your skin."

So now we know!

Summeranne said...

I've actually had my eyebrows threaded and its great! It's much better for your skin then waxing, and lasts just as long! I wouldn't say that its entirely painless though, after all you are still having your hair pulled out! But it is no where near as painful as waxing! The thread they use is not always waxed like dental floss though, they can do it with a regular spool of thread too!

Rammi said...

Another question for you: What does this "protect-a-bed" actually do?