Sunday, November 15, 2009

And Then There Were Two

HigFred.jpg (58419 bytes)

Well, three, if you count Dexter.

Yes, Eliza got adopted today. I'm thrilled.

When I went up to Petco to pick the puppies up, I was very disheartened to see that all four were still in the pen. I had hoped to see SOMEONE finally being adopted. I also couldn't understand why Freddie, whose portrait on Petfinder, is the cutest of the three...

Freddie1.jpg (40913 bytes)

...hadn't had any inquiries at all.

I went off to do some shopping (really, just an excuse to listen to my audio book, which is only 3 hours from being finished!) and then came home to pick up the puppies. As I said, they were all still in the cage.

LastPupsinChair.jpg (39360 bytes)I sighed and got Higgins by the leash and started to leave when Ashley stopped me and asked me to wait a bit. She said a couple was trying to decide between Higgins and Eliza. So I sat there for about half an hour, having some of Ashley's birthday cake, and finally the decision had been made: Eliza.

I went to say goodbye to Eliza and meet her new family and it was the couple I had met with last week, who expressed an interest in both Eliza and Higgins. Eliza was snuggled comfortably in the woman's lap, looking like she had made the switch already, though I wonder how she's going to feel at bedtime tonight!

So I packed the other three up in the car and brought them home again. One of their siblings also got adopted today, so slowly but surely all twelve puppies are finding homes. Maybe next week we'll be lucky again. I want to be sure to get Higgins adopted before I have to saddle him in order to control him!


danseusesabine said...

I love the white socks on the pup. If I were closer to you and had more room, I may just have another puppy.

Rammi said...

If I lived nearer, I would have taken Higgins in a shot.

solnushka said...

I can't imagine whu Freddie hasn't had any callbacks either. Very cute, and I'm a cat person properly speaking.

raisinganarmy said...

Wow, if I lived closeby, Freddie would have a home for sure. He's so adorable! I don't understand why he hasn't had any callbacks. Good luck with finding the remaining pups a home!